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Fitness Friday

Another busy week with a few runs on he track and a bunch of days of Jillian. Nothing super exciting about the runs- I really am getting soft in my old age. I slog my miles out on the treadmill or track, but can’t wait to run outside again. There isn’t much holding me back, except for the fact I can run inside and not worry about breaking a hip in the dark on slick roads and sidewalks. I have been using more Aaptiv outdoor workouts, inside on the track. It sure helps the laps go faster, or at least less noticeably.

This morning was Day 10 of the 30 day shred. I have competed 8/10 workouts in this time. I need to go buy some hand weights. I am definitely stronger than last time I did this, and this is the first time I’ve done it consistently. The body resistance of moving my hands without weights isn’t doing much any more. I guess that is a win!

Honestly- trying to do this every single day while running 4ish days a week is exhausting. I’m going to stick with it, but don’t feel bad taking a day off if I have to. I guess it’s all part of being a mother runner and trying to fit it all in!

This morning was a run and Jillian so I can take the kids to a local sports center to run and burn off some crazy. Tonight Hubby and I get to join up with some of our Ragnar team so we can all meet and make a few decisions!


100 Laps

It was cold, dark and slippery out last night when Hubby was finally able to make it home from work. He had big plans of getting up at 4:30 this morning to go back. I decided to hit the YMCA and run on the track, maybe force myself onto the hamster wheel. Before I left, I picked a couple of running workouts from my Aaptive app. The plan was to see how I felt when I got there, and how busy the track was before picking which workout I would do.

It didn’t seem too busy (it was almost 8pm!) so I picked the 40 min workout. I usually run a bit slower on the track, and can’t get my Garmin watch to pick up GPS in the building, so I just run by feel and figure out my speed later. This is where the Aaptive workouts are great!  I usually like the music, and have a trainer telling me to slow down or speed up, I don’t have to think about what I am doing, I can just run!

After my 40 min workout was done, the track was still slow, and I had the desire to put on some more miles, so I decided to plug into a 25 min workout. That went great as well! When it was all said and done, I ran 7 miles, plus my warm up and cool down laps. This totaled 100 laps! 13 laps to a mile can get a bit monotonous is you are focusing on it.  I do have a pipe cleaner with 13 pony beads to help me count how far I’ve gone.  This was a project Bean helped me with before she ran the track with me one Saturday.  I was able to keep track of my miles this way.

What is  your favorite workout app? Where do you prefer to run in the winter?