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Fit Friday

Another week of amazing runs…and crazy weather. I managed to keep my run streak going… until yesterday.

Weekend– A short run to keep the streak on Saturday, then a day at the Ice Castles with the kids and friends. Sunday Runday 11 mile run- including a PR 5 miles on the treadmill before accidentally hitting the emergency off button!
Monday– the kids were home because of icy roads. I ran inside at the YMCA
Tuesday– a huge snowstorm arrived. At 6 am the weather said 2-4 inches of snow, we ended up with 12! The neighbors were kind enough to let me use their treadmill, where I ran my fastest 2 consecutive miles ever! DAY 40 of Run Streak
Wednesday– The kids had late start to help clear up the roads from the day before. I ran outside while the Middlest was at piano. Oh how I love a good, crisp, outside run!
Thursday– Kids had no school… again… as their had been freezing rain/mix overnight and we were predicted to get another 8 inches of snow… I think we got 6. I was up plenty early and didn’t go to the Y, worked a 9 hour day, and went out to eat with my family. It was amazing, and at the time, I was content with ending my run streak as I spent an hour shoveling while Hubby ran the snow blower. When I crawled into bed, I simmered in guilt and being upset with myself.
Friday– This morning, I got up and ran my run at the Y, and am set for a 12 mile run this weekend and lots of time with extended family!

I really do feel stronger for having done a run streak, and think I’m going to dust myself off and see if I can beat my 41 day streak!

What running accomplishments did you tackle this week? Have you done a run streak before? What was your experience?

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts Thursday

Mothere Nature needs to figure herself out! In the last 2 weeks, the kids have missed 6 days of school, had a 2 hour late start, and multiple after school activities canceled. this has ranged from freezing rain, snowstorms, and -50 degree weather. Enough already! Even the kids groaned when I told them this morning.

The treadmill is growing on me. 3 years ago, you couldn’t get me to run more than a mile on a treadmill. I did ALL of my training outside, even in negative windchills! I still love a nice, cold, outdoor run, but I’ve made it 5 miles on the treadmill in a go.

Teeth- My 11 and 6 year olds each lost a tooth this week. So much more drama from the 6 year old- she is sad a part of her body is gone, and completely disgusted by it. She still can’t look at the picture it.

Yarn- Still trying to do fun projects and see how much yarn I can use up. I think I need something new… hit me up with your favorite projects!

Runstreak– my run streak is still going thanks to my neighbors who let me use their treadmill for my fastest 2 mile run ever! I really feel like I am getting so much stronger!

Whats on your mind today?


Kids- The Powers That Be

I love my girls dearly! I can’t imagine life without them, even when they push me to the edge, and let up just in time for me to regain whatever sense of composure I may have.

When I started running in October of 2016, I wanted to be fit, not growing ever softer and plumper, and I wanted to do it on my terms. I started run walking and slowly built up to being able to run continuous miles. My husband and I signed up for the Eau Claire Half Marathon, to both run our own races and challenge ourselves at our own levels.

Since this time, our girls have been my biggest cheerleaders and motivators. After I was able to run continuous miles and worked at building milage and speed, they were always impressed. There were days when I didn’t want to, but I wanted to show them that working hard, and putting your mind to it, you can do anything. I also work hard at reminding them that for most of us, the race is a race against ourselves, what we can do, how much faster or further we can go. I will not be on a podium anytime soon, but each race I finish, I am a winner because I pushed through something.

Ok- Now that all that sappy (but completely true) stuff is out of the way…

Last night the girls wanted to go on a “Daddy is gone for the weekend date” to our local Japanese/Sushi place. I hadn’t run yet, and realized it would be a very late supper if I ran first. As I was trying to figure it out, I decided to just end my run streak, because time with them was more important, and I made it to the end of January – my goal. The girls about lost their mind and started yelling at me to keep it going, not to stop, and that I could do great things.

We went for supper, I vowed to eat lightly, and run later, well… I almost at just a little… almost. Three wonderful miles happened later in the night, as did one mile this morning before we go and spend a wonderful day outdoors. I am proud to say that my little Powers That Be kept me going this time, showed me how strong I could be, reminded me to see just how much I could do if I put my mind to it!

Who motivates you? Keeps you working at your goals?

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Fab, Fit, Friday!

It is Friday, yet it feels like Monday? Sunday? I am just all messed up!
A nice weekend with friends and family, then the kids had 4 days in a row off for snow then freezing cold. Actual temperatures plummeted to -30 below and colder, then windchills hit -50 and colder. Thank Goodness for our YMCA membership!

In January I decided to try out a run streak to get into a rhythm with half marathon training for the St. Louis Half Marathon I will be running with the Hubby (Well, we will both be running, but not together). 4 days in December plus every single day in January put me at 35 days in a row!!!! It felt AMAZING to be able to say I completed it and my legs feel great. Sometimes it felt silly, like when I realized at 10 pm last night that I hadn’t run. Hubby was gone, and it was below zero… so I ran in the living room back and forth until my watch said one mile without GPS.

Must get run in, friend invited me for wine, only -1. Ran to her house and drank wine, Hubby picked me up after his run at the Y!

I’m not sure how long I can/will keep this streak going, but it was pretty amazing to keep it going all month. I had to hit the Y with my friend, sweat up her treadmill the next day, and give myself reason to get outside (all the way to -26 windchill) to get one mile or more in to keep the streak going. Heading into longer runs with this training has me questioning if I’ll keep it going, but I’ll see. I’ll stop when my body says I need to stop, and realize how much stronger I am.

107 Miles Logged in January!
I found this cool shoe to color in as I gather Milage… Something motivating to see how far I’ve come. I plan to color each month in a different color… and hope to add more shoes. There are other options at this site to make the tracker fit your needs/goals!

Shoe Tracker I found after I made my other one. Using them both for now 🙂

What are you doing to stay on track with your running/fitness/life goals as we head into month 2 of 2019?


Random Thoughts Thursday

Mother Nature is soo all over the place. We keep being told we are going to get hit with inches of snow, and get freezing rain or nothing. This morning we had an inch or so of snow and it was even a possibility! Yay for not having to look at dead grass! Now to brace for the sub-zero temps that are coming.

Run Streaks– I am LOVING my run streak. I didn’t intend to do one at first, but Hubby and I ended the year with some back to back days of runs, which flowed into the start of our Half Marathon Training. He went a week and decided a break was needed. I’m happy he listened to his body as I don’t think he knows “slow” or “easy” when he runs. My streak is currently on day 27. Rest days are a slow 1 mile and my legs are LOVING it. I do feel like my speed is maybe suffering, so I think I will be done with this at the end of January… to be determined. 🙂

Food food food!– I am hungry all the time (thanks to all the running) and have really been craving either super light foods like salad or heavy, hearty, home cooking … I think everything on my list for what I wanted this week included lots of starch. I also bought the giant box of mixed greens and have been hitting all the salads.

Creativity and challenges– I’ve made a few egg gathering aprons lately, and have two more almost ready to ship. I decided I wasn’t in love with the pattern I started out with (really a great on, just not exactly what my customers were looking for). I decided to write my first pattern and have been working on that – It will come in a different post, when I think I have all the kinks worked out.

What’s on your mind this week? What foods have you been enjoying? Any other streakers out there?