Spring has sprung… a leak

Getting ready to head to the Y last night, and the kids come running up that there is water in the bathroom. DH and I each look at each other and pray it isn’t sewer water backing up (we have a lift in our basement bathroom that lifts all of our dirty water out of the house and to the main line, we have had a clogged main line previously). There is water, and we can hear it pouring in. Luckily it was rain/melt water! I immediately start throwing towels down to sop up what is there.

Next step, DH, his buddy who was over, and I throw on shoes and run out, grabbing shovels on our way, trying to figure out the problem. The problem being multifold.
1- We are less than 2 inches shy of record breaking snow for the year.
2- Our driveway has heaved in the middle, and is sending over half of the rain/melt back to the house.
3- It is raining
4- the downspout ends are still in snow and are frozen, so all the water is backed up and dripping out of seams… right next to the house.

New Gutter Installation to divert the water.

I start chopping like mad at snow and ice, trying to clear a path fro water to leave. Then someone else takes on that job, I start pushing water to the other side of the driveway, then dump my totes of Yarn to use them to catch water while the guys try and figure out how to divert the gutters. I ended up shoveling off a bush and the corner of our house to stop more water from melting and puddling there. The guys chop the frozen downspout and make it turn and empty on the other side of the driveway.

Inside we finish cleaning up and doing other preventative picking up to keep items from being wrecked. I poured a drink and cleaned toys up. I never did make it to the Y, but instead stayed up fretting about more problems and worrying about what we would wake up to. Luckily, the rain stopped… for a moment, and we haven’t had any more problems. I suppose I should clean up my yarn mess… but need to wait for my totes to dry off.

Where some of the stash ended up… hard to get to the sewing machines now… oops!

I hope everyone else is having better luck with this weather!