WIP Wednesday…. or Thursday

So much procrastination yesterday!

I did spend a chunk of my day working on this “Blueberry” Donut. I was unable to finish it though. For the first time in years, I have absolutely no Poly-Fill left, and the donut is only half stuffed. Due to weather, it will likely be a few days before I get more.

What projects are you working on? What are you procrastinating on?

Crochet, WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday – Donut you want some more?

I’m a little obsessed with crochet donuts right now! They are so fun to make! My kids might be almost as obsessed as I am… they each want a few! Last week I finished up my first pillow sized one. Yesterday I finished my 6 pack of “regular” ones and now I’m working on another pillow.I had so much fun with these, I decided to order a book on food patterns. Honestly, some of them are adorable, some not so much so.I also finished my Karma Chameleon yesterday!What is your favorite project right now?