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Frantic Friday

Well, it’s apparently been one of those weeks! After being sick on Monday and having to cancel daycare 40 min before kids started showing up, then recovering slowly, I am apparently all thrown off!

I made it to the gym on Wednesday with hopes of getting 2 miles in- I made it 3! And managed some stairs, crunches and push ups (out Y does a fun March Madness bingo and I’m determined to earn a new T-shirt…).

Yesterday I posted a WIP Wednesday post- I honestly thought it was Wednesday until about 2pm!

N has a mild concussion, I think, after getting hit in the face with a bad-mitten Raquet during Phy Ed on Tuesday. She got an immediate black eye. She is not happy with having to take it easy and that makes life even harder on the rest of us!

Hubby has been working on repairing our bedroom wall that was damaged in an electrical fire a year and a half ago. Our room is in shambles with all of the furniture covered in plastic. This as sent us to the guest room and sharing a full size bed. We WILL be getting. A new mattress for our bed in the next 6 months and the guests will get upgraded to our old queen mattress.

He told me last night I should write a book. I apparently make him laugh with my stories of waking up mad because he left me in my dream, hen being panicked because these are the types of dreams I have when I’m pregnant… I’m not, but there was an hour of worry at 4:30 am a few nights ago.

Today I’m rocking my new dinosaur shirt- when you daycare toddler boys, you need a dino shirt! This makes me smile and smile and smile!

I’m really hoping to get a few things done today so the weekend can be fun and preparation for vacation!

Did anyone else have one of “those” weeks? Who has fun plans for the weekend? Any tips for a 24 hour drive with kids?

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Kick in the Pants

After attempting to jog last Monday, I ended up with pressure where I received my concussion. The next day I struggled with a headache and fog all day. I spent the remainder of the week moping about for not being able to exercise. It was dumb, I just could not get past it mentally! Tonight is the night I attempt again. Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday I ran the snow-blower without symptoms- which was fantastic since I had a 4 hour drive to go hang out with my besties from college and their families.  Nothing says a great time like 19 people spending a weekend together in a restaurant turned rental home. We had SO MUCH FUN!

While I went south with the younger two kiddos- Hubby went north with the oldest to make sausage with friends and my dad. We are now stocked up for a while 🙂 Our sausage is always yummy, and a hit for the kids! Some is straight pork, while some is mixed with whatever deer or bear meat we were able to harvest that year.

I (think I) can safely say that I maintained the Grocery budget challenge for the month.
I had my $15 trip, Hubby’s estimated $30 trip, a $3 gas station milk purchase, and $90 last week.  15+30+3+90=$138  I do have to say that we had a couple meals out in here as we were traveling to gymnastic meets and to see friends. I did have plenty of food to have filled in those meals if we would have been around.  Our dining out comes from our individual entertainment cash, so I didn’t count those meals out. I honestly don’t feel quite as accomplished this time around. maybe it is in part that I spent 2 weeks in a fog or funk and just didn’t embrace the challenge!

Along with returning to walk/jog/then running, I am hoping to do a couple of days of 30 Day Shred Level 1, and then moving up to the next level so I can pick up where I left off. This may be doubly motivated as I am hoping Florida is warm enough to lay on the beach in 3 short weeks!

How do you motivate yourself after a break? What challenges are you working on? Any fun project ideas?- I’ve been in a funk with those as well!



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Better and busy

Update on a few things:

  • After struggling for a large part of last week to be a mom and work, the concussion fog finally lifted sometime Thursday.  I still had to take it easy or I would get sleepy, foggy, and a headache. I have to say that the worst part of the concussion recovery, was as I was less foggy and realized just how much stuff I “should” be doing, but it would exhaust me or make me feel worse. Today is a Monday, and I feel rested and ready to tackle the world! I’m sure it helps I have Friday off to go visit friends for the weekend with the littles.
  • February Pantry Bail Out
    • Today I need to make it to the grocery store as we are out of fruits, veggies and milk. I have only spent less than $15 on groceries, but darling Hubby came home with some food last week, but won’t give me the receipt. Most of it was snacks for his desk, so I’m going to just say $30 there. That means if I can only spend $100 and make it until mid next week, I will have met my Pantry Challenge.  After I felt better last week, I was able to slowly organize our chest freezer and found sooo much fish, and other food I didn’t realize we still had. Nat is going to be so sad about the fish as she does not like it at all!
  • I have a few WIP’s that I hope to finish up this week:
    • Island Play Set (#2)- I ran out of my “sea” color and now have to go buy some and pray the “no dye lot” is close to what I already had on hand. Other than this purchase, I had all of the yarn/stuffing on hand for both sets I made. I think I might make some separate animals/island parts that people can buy separately, but am not sure I want to make a full set again just yet.
    • I need to finish my Hat by weaving in the ends 🙂 I have to say this is a very easy hat to make, and I tend to fight making hats!  I will probably work on a few more in other colors down the road!
    • I also am working on a Campfire Blanket Scarf– it is coming along nicely and was the first project I could work on as I recovered.  Once I cast on, it is just knit, knit, knit and I don’t really need to count! I am hoping to have 3-4 of these ready for my family by summer and campfire season!
  • In finishing the above projects I will have 5/18 projects done from my 18 in 2018 challenge and have made progress by using mostly yarn I had on hand so the stash is starting to dwindle!
  • My 30 Day Shred challenge was sidelined by my concussion. I was doing so well, and normally would just not go back to finishing it up. Today I will try to do a Level 1 workout, and will stop if any of my concussion symptoms return, but I will finish this time!

I also want to put a big shout out to Nat who finished her second and final gymnastics meet of the season. Unfortunately she did not qualify for the State meet, but she came within one point! After a sever sprain this summer and Achilles Tendonitis at the beginning of the season left her sidelined for half the season, she made amazing improvements. I hope that learning the lessons of listening to her body, not returning too quickly, and also knowing when to push herself will serve her well as she continues to grow up!

Just a little sorry for all the ramblings! Have a great day!


What Just Happened?

After a wonderful meet up with the Sprinting Turtles, Hubby and I sat down with the kids to watch the Opening ceremonies on Friday. I was not overly wowed by the ceremonies, but they are fun to watch with the kids. Before going to bed, Hubby decided to pick me up and accidentally railed my head into a wooden beam separating the two levels of our super low drop ceiling in our basement. Lucky me- I now have a concussion.

This morning I tried a slow ride on the stationary bike. My eyes are tired and my head is fuzzy. Time to find some quiet play for the kiddos and try to keep things low key. My guess is this week will be a quiet on the blog front here.

I am sad that my running and likely my crocheting will be very minimal this week. Rest rest rest so I can get back at it.