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WIP x2

Monday was one of those days.  I was doing pretty good, rolling along with my Monday. I went to work on the Nice and Knit Beanie and my circular needle broke in mid round. I calmly set aside this project, vowing to avoid yarn purchases when I purchase a new one. I was a little irritated as I struggle with most of my hats. It doesn’t help that because I have issues with them, I only make them to order, so they HAVE to be a certain size.  I tend to have better luck when knitting, so that’s what I want with on this project.

Next I started working on the Crochet Island Play Set– trying so very, very hard to use up my stash, I prayed my two blues would be close enough. Having lost their labels ages ago, I had no way to tell. Honestly, they are so very close! Just not close enough, or so I thought, after doing a round I asked a few people to help me find the join, and no one could. I have finished the base, but now need to work on the island and creatures for this set.

I couldn’t help myself when I picked up my new circular needle… I bought yarn for ONE Campfire Blanket Scarf. I would eventually like to make 4-5 of these for when we have fires at our house, head to someone else’s fire, or are camping. Most of the time my kids are asking if they can have whatever I am making (for someone else or for the etsy shop) and I have to tell them no- I’m looking forward to making something specifically for them, just because.

What projects are you working on?  What are your current favorite colors/yarns?

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Follow Up Friday

Its FREEZING here this morning- currently -14 and it feels colder because of the wind.  I think it’s a perfect day to hunker down and enjoy the indoors!

Update on a few of the Challenges I have made for myself:

18 in 2018 & Stash Blaster: (2 of 18)  I finished three each of : Chuck Chick, Buddy Bunny & Rufus Lamb – Lalylala and two Funny Bunny – Lilleliis are crochet, just need to be stuffed and stitch.  All 11 of these projects have been created using yarn on hand.  I’m not going to lie- it feels pretty darn good to finally use some of these projects and yarn!


February Challenges: I am still on track for Jillian’s 30 Day Shred- and feeling it. I made it without having to head to the grocery store, but need to look in the freezer and plan out meals based on what we have for the next week.  A few questions came up as to how I intend to only spend $150 on groceries. We have food on hand, I just never feel like we do, this challenge will make me use more of that and get creative with ingredients on hand. I’ve included a few pictures of my food on hand to show what I have to use up 😳. Really a first world problem!

Crochet, WIP Wednesday

WiP Wednesday- Funny Bunny

Today I am in progress with this quick and easy Funny Bunny pattern. I will probably take the next couple of days and make a couple other colors as well, then stuff and finish them all at once.

This week I also finished my third set of Lambs, Chicks, and Bunnies I posted about before. During nap time, I am hoping to do a photo shoot for them and get my listings polished up.

So far all of my projects, except for the scarf, have been projects for my 18 in 2018 and stash blasting projects! I’m feeling pretty good about them!

I included a picture of Heath since he HAS to have his head on or body near my yarn as often as possible. He even hides between my yarn carts where I store the yarn (I gave up and out a blanket there for him). Some projects I have decoy yarn for him.

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Progress, I think

It’s been one of those weeks where I probably have to many pots on the fire at once.

My middlest child had band/orchestra open house to decide which music class she wants to take next year. After trying almost all of the instruments offered, she decided she would really like to play the Bass. This makes me a little sad as I have amazing memories from participating in Marching Band during high school.  Our district has amazing music programs and the Orchestra has come far since I was in school.  If she sticks with it, she will have an opportunity to participate in Wire Choir- a dancing orchestra that reminds me of Show Choir.

I have 3 sewn stuffed animals in progress, but can’t seem to just finish them up. I was able to use fabric I had on hand for these projects (yay stash blasting!). I am working on reorganizing my fabric to help with realizing what I have on hand, and guiding some of my projects.

I also am working on my 18 in 2018 and have completed Chuck Chick, Buddy Bunny & Rufus Lamb.  I liked them so much in the neutral yarn, I decided I would try to do each one in a blue and a purple color scheme before I listed them in the shop.  I’m not sure I’m completely sold on the colors, but the kiddos seem to think they are the best. (My kids may always tell me that things are cute- if they don’t I know it really is a bomb) The bonus with these is that I have all of the yarn and stuffing on hand – YAY for working toward the goal of using up that stash!

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18 in 2018

I was sitting at home, enjoying a snowday where my kids were all playing nicely, rewarding myself with some blog surfing for checking off some pesky items from my TO DO list. In the back of my mind, I was trying to decide what to do with my yarn stash, trying to decide what to do with my projects I have printed, but have yet to do. Along came NothingButKnit. Karen was talking about how she came across another blog that was going to Knit the Year.  I thought this was amazing! Karen is also committing to using a certain number of skeins of yarn this year that she had when the year changed.  I think this is AMAZING!

I plan to complete 18 projects I have printed or saved (no new projects will count toward this goal… but I’m sure they will happen as well!). I am currently not certain exactly which projects I plan on using, I will knit, crochet, or sew 18 projects I have never done and already own or have pinned.

Here are the first 10 I have high hopes of using (they are already printed and allowed me to stay out of the Pinterest Rabbit Hole):

I am hoping to use as much of my stash for primary yarn as possible on these projects! Some of these projects will use up significant time and yarn 🙂

I’ll keep you up to date on how the stash is dwindling and how the 18 in 2018 is going!

Off to enjoy the cozy snowday with my kids!