Daycare Happenings- Flashers and Pee Art

Last weeks daycare drama happened on Friday- and it happened in less than an hour.

As I was in the other room, changing a diaper, I hear my daughter scream “George* is showing me his penis!” I left the 18 month old, without a diaper, and rushed to the kitchen to see what was going on. George (4) was holding his hands over his pants, and immediately says he didn’t do it. My daughter insists he did, the other kids in the room, look at me with big eyes, and George admits that he did it.

Prior to deciding to do in home daycare, I used to teach protective behaviors- teaching kids about physical and sexual abuse. We had a big old daycare conversation about how the parts of our bodies that are covered by our swimsuits are meant for just us, and are not to be shared with anyone. We also discussed that parents or other adults sometimes need to see our private parts to make sure they are healthy, but our friends do not need to see these parts.

As I’m notifying parents of what happened, Suzie (almost 3) pees all over the floor. I get a phone call I needed to take, and while I’m taking this call, she decides to get off of time out and sit in the pee. The next step is to scoot all across the floor, spreading it everywhere. I turn around to see my living room is a full size Pee Painting (picture blowfish dunk patterns). When I try talking to Suzie about it, she smiles, laughs, and tells me she was naughty.

Naptime was spent scrubbing floors, dreaming about what I was going to have to drink that night, and laughing at the insanity that was 9:30-10 am!

*Names are changed.