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WIP Wednesday- Feeling a little ADHD

I have a fair amount of projects going on around here!

A month ago, I spent a week painting our mudroom and basement steps, kitchen and dining room, and living room and hallway. I still have all of the supplies in my Crap er Craft room since I need to do the second coat on one wall in the living room and the whole hallway.

I am finishing up a second (maybe fourth, but this will be my second on hand) Island Play Mat.

I have the Wonder Woman Shawl in progress… but am worried I will run out of yarn and not be able to match dye lots. I also decided this one will be a birthday gift for A. With those two things in mind, I think I’m going to rip back and restart in the slightly smaller size.

I also have all of my fabric washed and supplies on hand for a Weighted Blanket I’ve been commissioned to make as a birthday gift for one of N’s gymnastics friends. I don’t think this will take me long, I just need to finish some other stuff and find my room back!

What projects do you have lingering?

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Cheer them on

It’s been quite some time since my last post. Much happened since then, most has been unimportant and everyday, but fills up the time nonetheless.

One factor to the long break was a rant from the hubby as to how “EVERYONE HAS A BLOG THESE DAYS” and it somehow makes them an expert.  I have to admit right here, that I haven’t told him about this little page, and it has forced me to sit and figure out my why. REALLY figure it out! I write to help figure things out, and to let my customers and followers have a better idea of who I am, and maybe, what makes me tick.

Someday, I would love to have so many orders, things that people think of, then think of me, and say- “Hey, could you make this for me?” and I’d jump in and save the day and figure it out! All of these orders have to come from people trusting my work, and me enjoying what I am making. These are reasons why there is a smattering of different items in my Etsy Shop and why i sometimes feel like I am jumping around from thing to thing.  Just sewing stuffed animals, or knitting scarves, or crocheting afghans, and only doing one thing, would squish my creativity in a quick hurry.

Currently, many of my orders and products available, come because friends or friends of friend, mention something they would like, or share a pattern with me. These ideas spur me like nothing else. Projects like that include First Communion dresses from mom’s wedding dress (it is scary to cut apart another woman’s wedding dress!!!), weighted blankets (next in line), washcloths, Swiffer covers, stuffed giraffe, shawls, giant donuts…

My why is also that I’m not just a #mommymaker, I’m a runner, I love to cook, I also love to read, and camp, and chat with my friends. I keep lots of little people alive day in and day out, getting to play (and clean up poop), while moms and dads have to go to work. Many of my creations are for, tested or inspired by these little people. They help me pick out colors, and yarns. The older ones are asking to learn how to make things like me-It melts my heart every time.

Am I an expert? No! If I keep working, maybe someday I will be!
Do I expect to end up on the Today Show, teaching people how to make it big? No! If this ever happens, will have exceeded my wildest dreams, but I hope to embrace it and everything that brought me to that point.
Do I hope to inspire others to do what makes their hearts soar? YES! If you like to run, do it! If you like to create, do it! If you prefer to buy things other people make, do it! If you love to cook or bake, do it! Just remember, we are all different, and we can all offer support to those around us!

As I look at this, long and rambling, post and see I wrote “I am a runner” I am amazed! Two years ago, I was sitting on the couch, gaining inches, hating my body and needing a change. October 29, 2016 I started a Couch To program and haven’t turned back. Since that day, I ran my first half marathon, full marathon, marathon relay, Ragnar relay. This year, I still have a 5k and a road and a trail Ragnar scheduled. When I ask people to join me, they tell me they can’t. I let them know that they can, but I will never force them. I let them know that I will run with them, at any pace, and I will be there to listen to them. A friend was there for me as I progressed-Cheered me off the couch and onto the road. If you don’t want to run, or lift weights, or crochet a bear- be the person to cheer on your friend who does, but might be afraid to, or is struggling to remain motivated.



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Where I’m at Wednesday

Yesterday was a snow-day and I only had my niece for daycare kids. As lay awake before 5am, wondering if there was going to be school, I started to think about all of the things I could finish and check off my list.

Turns out my kids all played wonderfully, but my niece was a handful (18 months old, who would have guessed she’d be a handful?). When there is a house full of other kids, she is distracted and I can SOMETIMES get something accomplished. Not yesterday!

To top it off, I spent nap time blowing off a layer of snow before more heavy stuff came down and he winds picked up. All in all, the weather was not as bad as expected.

I did manage to make a little progress on a few different projects though!

I took apart the seams on my moms poncho so I can close up the neck a bit.

I finished the last couple pieces of Chameleon. Now to see him together!

Edged 1 of 3 receiving blankets.

Finally- I cut out all of he letters for the banner I was asked to make for A’s school music program. Maybe today the glue gun will make an appearance!

Ok- I guess I really did get a fair amount done (even if I did all of that over 16hours)

What projects are you trying to finish? Did you get snow yesterday too? How many of you are ready for spring?

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Snowday Completions

It’s been a snowy couple of days. Yesterday we got 7-8 inches- best I can tell, it was blowing and drifting some. Due to the weather, the kids had no school. They played together nicely and helped out with my few daycare kiddos that made it.  In between playing with the kids and the two and a half hours of snow-blowing, I was able to finish up these three projects!

Giraffe Re-do
Little fish… well, not so little
Sleepy fox









The Giraffe and Fox are both patterns from Dolls and Daydreams. The Giraffe is a re-do from one I made at Christmas. Unfortunately the first one was made with a different fabric and it began fraying at every seam and started to fall apart- not the kind of product I like to send out!  The fish is from BirchFabrics and was a really fun pattern to work with!

I had high hopes of getting a few other projects wrapped up, but the snow got in the way!  Today the kids started school 2 hours late, and I was planning on going on a field trip with A. The delayed start meant that Bean didn’t have school at all today and I have a free day to work on projects and play with her.  I should probably lower my project expectations and help work on the snow fort we started yesterday.

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Weekend wanderings

It was a fun filled weekend at our house! A day at the waterpark with cousins, massage for mom, filling the fridge with groceries, sewing, and a GLORIOUS 5 mile run outside!

Not being the most graceful person in the world, there were no pictures of the water park- I don’t need to drop my phone or camera in the pool! The kids had a wonderful time and didn’t even bat an eye when I left to meet my mom for lunch and a massage.

Although everything was great, running outside for 5 full miles was amazing.  This winter, most of my runs have been in the 2-3 mile range. Trying to get anything more than that on the treadmill or track is brutal. The outside runs I have done have dealt with slippery snow/ice covered roads or sidewalks. Luckily there was a heat wave in WI last week and much of that melted. The roads were clear and fantastic.  I plugged in my headphones and turned on an Aaptive workout and ran my hearts content! I’ve apparently gotten a bit faster as I judged it would be a 4 mile run, but it was really 5!

It was extra good that I ran a little further, as A wanted to make breakfast that “wasn’t pancakes”. After looking around, she settled on crepes… and they were delish.  We even made them gluten and dairy free so I could enjoy them as well!

Due to all the fun we had, I only had small snippets of time to work on crafts. Today we are getting hit with a big storm.  The snow is just starting, and is supposed to come down hard all day.  I’m getting ready to hunker down and finish up some projects, and start a few new ones that have been requested.

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Progress, I think

It’s been one of those weeks where I probably have to many pots on the fire at once.

My middlest child had band/orchestra open house to decide which music class she wants to take next year. After trying almost all of the instruments offered, she decided she would really like to play the Bass. This makes me a little sad as I have amazing memories from participating in Marching Band during high school.  Our district has amazing music programs and the Orchestra has come far since I was in school.  If she sticks with it, she will have an opportunity to participate in Wire Choir- a dancing orchestra that reminds me of Show Choir.

I have 3 sewn stuffed animals in progress, but can’t seem to just finish them up. I was able to use fabric I had on hand for these projects (yay stash blasting!). I am working on reorganizing my fabric to help with realizing what I have on hand, and guiding some of my projects.

I also am working on my 18 in 2018 and have completed Chuck Chick, Buddy Bunny & Rufus Lamb.  I liked them so much in the neutral yarn, I decided I would try to do each one in a blue and a purple color scheme before I listed them in the shop.  I’m not sure I’m completely sold on the colors, but the kiddos seem to think they are the best. (My kids may always tell me that things are cute- if they don’t I know it really is a bomb) The bonus with these is that I have all of the yarn and stuffing on hand – YAY for working toward the goal of using up that stash!