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Friday is here! I am beyond excited about it, although I am feeling a bit grumpy. This was supposed to be the weekend I ran the St Louis 1/2 marathon. Although I wish I would have pushed harder, it was the right decision not to run it. The concussion and stomach bug after that both knocked me back.

This week I was able to run 6 last weekend for my last run with my gym membership. Monday I headed outside, in the start of the snowstorm, ran 2.5 miles to a Hip Hop workout class, and got a ride home from a friend.

Since Monday, my right shin has been bugging me, and I have been too afraid to run. I think it’s a tight calf, but initially I could only feel it in one spot and was worried about a stress fracture (I tend to overthink everything). On top of being afraid to run, we had a multi-day snow event with wind, hubby had a stomach bug, and last night I had an event for the Octoberfest I help plan in our town. (Really, I let my life get in the way of my running as an excuse).

Tonight I’m hoping to plug a few miles in between running kids.

May will be busy now that I’m filling in on a relay team for the Eau Claire Marathon Relay, and Ragnar Chicago.

What do you do to help get past your brain blocks in training? What are your favorite late winter/early spring running tips?

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Return to reality

Oh, a week in the sun, sand everywhere, and waves galore! Vacation was wonderful! Now I need to get back in the swing of everything!

I was happy to be able to run outside on vacation a few times, and even managed a run on the beach one morning. The beach run was a struggle- I was barefoot and it was 15-20 mph winds coming off the ocean. I’m happy to say I’ve run on the beach, but probably won’t do it again!

Laundry is almost caught up, groceries are purchased, daycare kids are back and we are all readjusting!

While on vacation, I managed to finish my campfire blanketshawl. It is pretty, but probably very impractical. I started my Chameleon and am hoping to finish it soon!

If the kids request one, I’ll make them their own shawl, but I’m not sure I want to make 3 more!

A downside to vacation was realizing a customers order had been lost by USPS and trying to fix the problem while not at home.

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WIP Wednesday

Yesterday was amazingly productive! I was able to edge two toddler size blankets, and get half way through a larger blanket. I still have three more toddler size blankets to edge. Although I had high hopes of working on these today, I realize the blanket in progress, is in the back seat of my husband’s car with the hook I need.

I also finished painting the master bedroom. I should probably decorate it once. 4 years ago I made the duvet cover, and curtains, but that was as Dara’s I made it. We had an electrical fire 20 months ago, and just finished the patch and texturing of the wall that was damaged. I wasn’t sold on the color as I painted, but I’m liking it more and more.

I also made it to the gym to run sprints and ride bike last night. Tonight I need to stay home and work on packing! And cleaning! There is better worse than coming home from trip and your house is nice and clean!

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Creativity flows

Ahhh, I love it when I get back in the swing of things and I get more and more energy to keep doing what I love. I really lost that mojo for a while after my concussion.

I am pumped to go run again tonight, maybe I’ll even hit the pavement… maybe!

I finished my 3rd island play-mat yesterday. I decided this one will not have the raised island, but will still come with creatures. The flat mat will make it better for babies to lay on. I just need to block it and add ribbon.

This morning I already trimmed, squared, and popped holes in fleece. Now I can sit and crochet edges until my heart is content. I decided to do one larger blanket as well as the 5 smaller (baby/toddler) size ones. This should keep me busy for a couple of hours. I did purchase yarn for this one, but will probably dip into my stash for some of the edging.

I also picked out yarn to make two chameleons- all stash yarn for this ❤️

In between picture taking for the island set, and crocheting edges on blankets, I should probably clean the house a bit and start packing for our trip!Heath is a Yarn Dog! He climbed in to snuggle my yarn!

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Frantic Friday

Well, it’s apparently been one of those weeks! After being sick on Monday and having to cancel daycare 40 min before kids started showing up, then recovering slowly, I am apparently all thrown off!

I made it to the gym on Wednesday with hopes of getting 2 miles in- I made it 3! And managed some stairs, crunches and push ups (out Y does a fun March Madness bingo and I’m determined to earn a new T-shirt…).

Yesterday I posted a WIP Wednesday post- I honestly thought it was Wednesday until about 2pm!

N has a mild concussion, I think, after getting hit in the face with a bad-mitten Raquet during Phy Ed on Tuesday. She got an immediate black eye. She is not happy with having to take it easy and that makes life even harder on the rest of us!

Hubby has been working on repairing our bedroom wall that was damaged in an electrical fire a year and a half ago. Our room is in shambles with all of the furniture covered in plastic. This as sent us to the guest room and sharing a full size bed. We WILL be getting. A new mattress for our bed in the next 6 months and the guests will get upgraded to our old queen mattress.

He told me last night I should write a book. I apparently make him laugh with my stories of waking up mad because he left me in my dream, hen being panicked because these are the types of dreams I have when I’m pregnant… I’m not, but there was an hour of worry at 4:30 am a few nights ago.

Today I’m rocking my new dinosaur shirt- when you daycare toddler boys, you need a dino shirt! This makes me smile and smile and smile!

I’m really hoping to get a few things done today so the weekend can be fun and preparation for vacation!

Did anyone else have one of “those” weeks? Who has fun plans for the weekend? Any tips for a 24 hour drive with kids?

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Back at it

Well… last week was not my week. Apparently, none of my posts after Monday actually posted. They have disappeared into nowhere. Oh well! Must move on.

After a great weekend and a lovely 6 miles on Sunday, I was down and out yesterday with a stomach bug.  Today I am hoping to pick up some of the stray projects I haven’t been able to make myself finish… and make myself finish them.  The decision to make multiple Island playsets at once, was a bad idea. I became bored and don’t want to pick it up, but I will.  I also have a few baby blankets I need to start, but have all of the supplies for.

I hope you all have a great week!

What do you do when you just don’t want to work on your projects? What fun projects do you have on your to do or want to do lists?

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Kick in the Pants

After attempting to jog last Monday, I ended up with pressure where I received my concussion. The next day I struggled with a headache and fog all day. I spent the remainder of the week moping about for not being able to exercise. It was dumb, I just could not get past it mentally! Tonight is the night I attempt again. Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday I ran the snow-blower without symptoms- which was fantastic since I had a 4 hour drive to go hang out with my besties from college and their families.  Nothing says a great time like 19 people spending a weekend together in a restaurant turned rental home. We had SO MUCH FUN!

While I went south with the younger two kiddos- Hubby went north with the oldest to make sausage with friends and my dad. We are now stocked up for a while 🙂 Our sausage is always yummy, and a hit for the kids! Some is straight pork, while some is mixed with whatever deer or bear meat we were able to harvest that year.

I (think I) can safely say that I maintained the Grocery budget challenge for the month.
I had my $15 trip, Hubby’s estimated $30 trip, a $3 gas station milk purchase, and $90 last week.  15+30+3+90=$138  I do have to say that we had a couple meals out in here as we were traveling to gymnastic meets and to see friends. I did have plenty of food to have filled in those meals if we would have been around.  Our dining out comes from our individual entertainment cash, so I didn’t count those meals out. I honestly don’t feel quite as accomplished this time around. maybe it is in part that I spent 2 weeks in a fog or funk and just didn’t embrace the challenge!

Along with returning to walk/jog/then running, I am hoping to do a couple of days of 30 Day Shred Level 1, and then moving up to the next level so I can pick up where I left off. This may be doubly motivated as I am hoping Florida is warm enough to lay on the beach in 3 short weeks!

How do you motivate yourself after a break? What challenges are you working on? Any fun project ideas?- I’ve been in a funk with those as well!