Thursday Thoughts

Spring is taking her sweet time arriving. Our weather in Wisconsin has been cool with a smattering of warm days here and there. Just warm up already!

Not running is bumming me out. I am trying to focus on calf and other strengthening exercises and refraining from running since my ankle is sore at the end of the day still. I can do single leg toe raises without pain now… progress!

Kudos to all those people that cheer on us runners! Hubby ran a Half Marathon last weekend and I was in charge of cheering. He is soo fast that I was unable to make I too the finish end with the kids! AND I was cheering from where my parents cheered us on two years ago!

Resumes are a pain! I know I should have updated mine years ago, but I didn’t. The last time I used a resume was 8-10 years ago and it is horrible. I updated it quickly because I just needed to give them something, but basically had the job before I interviewed. Looking for a new job is going to give me hives!

May is flying by!

What has your thoughts moving today?


Thursday Musings

  • Agh- its been over a month since my last post. My last race didn’t go as expected and I was dealing with some tendonitis in my ankle. On top of my runner moping, I was frantically working on custom orders for Easter, first communion dresses for twins, and trying to work full time and be a good mom. I’ll recap all of that another time.
  • Not running to heal an injury is for the birds. It really is important, and I’m slowly getting back at it, but 4 runs in a month after training for 3 months hard is kind of tough.
  • Swimming laps is tough. My middlest has been going with me to the Y a few times and we swim laps together. I think the lifeguard thought I was going to drown this morning… Front Crawl is not my strong suit and I am dealing with a cold that is headed to my chest.
  • Meal planning needs to happen more! We tried Hello Fresh after our race and it was so nice to have everything together. I could really do the same thing if I planned and prepped better. That is going to be my goal this month.
  • I need to add some new recipes to the mix- anyone have suggestions?
  • All the feels. This is my last year of daycare and I am trying to update my resume. I get anxiety every time I start, but am slowly making progress. I am also quite emotional with different activities with the kids.
  • Spring Spring spring is here! All the spring plants are coming up, hubby has the pond running, and we are getting early season landscaping underway!
  • Summer Running- I’m looking forward to my next races in AUGUST and SEPTEMBER… Lots of time to work up slowly, strengthen, and speed up!

What’s new in your life? What are your families favorite recipes? What is your favorite cross training workout?

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Thursday Thoughts

Adulting is hard! – Wanting all the things and making responsible decisions is tough! Paying off my student loans was great! The hot tub crapping out was not. We really want a new hot tub, but made the decision we don’t want to take out a loan to get a new one. We know our washer, dryer, stove, microwave… are all getting up there and many of them have been repaired by us already.

Hot tubs are amazing- I didn’t realize how much I would miss our hot tub, but once it drained itself this winter (not the first winter it has done this), I realized how nice a soak could be!

Go St Louis Half Marathon is a little over a week away. Hubby and I are taking the kiddos out of school for a couple days and making it a run-cation! AND I get to see one of my college roommates and her family since they are kind enough to host us. I am bummed that the river is flooding and they had to re-rout the race. Now we don’t get to pass directly under The Arch in the last mile. I didn’t realize this was important to me, but I’m thoroughly bummed.

My left ankle is still giving me grief. It is a bit better after I used KT Tape. As long as I keep stretching and icing it is ok. I should probably be wearing shoes all the time, but I just can’t get myself there.

Spring– it is warmer, the snow is melting, everything is a sandy, muddy mess! LOVE what it means is coming!There was THE BRIGHTEST cardinal in one of our apple trees this morning. I do like the idea of it being a loved one checking in and being close. Even without this thought, I think they are beautiful!

Nap Time– being a daycare mama, I am struggling with kiddos who just aren’t napping. A couple are phasing out of naps, and a couple need them, but refuse- LOUDLY.

What are your thoughts today? Any fun runs coming up? What is your favorite way to relax?


Weekend Wonderfulness

Nothing like the snow melting slowly and the sun shining to make life good. After our initial water intake, the house hasn’t had any more issues. Thank Goodness! The kids were able to get their bikes out over the weekend! This offered up lots of laps around our block and a trip to the candy shop in town. This was a nice end to their spring break where we mostly relaxed at home while I worked with less kids.

Now that spring is here and the snow piles are a little lower, I’ve been braving the pot hole filled roads and puddles to run outside more. Last weekend was 15 miles and this weekend was 10 with a buddy. I love running outside and am glad to get some miles in on pavement before the GO! St. Louis Half in two weeks.

I’m not sure if it’s the pavement or my new shoes, but my ankle is increasingly stiff and can be tender. My new shoes are a neutral shoe, I’m not sure why I ended up buying a neutral shoe, I know I need more support, but I guess I just wanted to try it out and see. Today I’m rocking full support shoes and some KT tape. Lots of water, lower and slower milage for the next two weeks, and praying it is better.

Beyond running, I’m busy working on first communion dresses for twin girls I know. We are using their mom’s wedding dress for parts of their dresses. I am also prepping for a craft show that happens next Saturday. Crafty, Crafty, Crafty!

What’s new in your life? What are your favorite shoes to run in? What is your favorite race?


Spring has sprung… a leak

Getting ready to head to the Y last night, and the kids come running up that there is water in the bathroom. DH and I each look at each other and pray it isn’t sewer water backing up (we have a lift in our basement bathroom that lifts all of our dirty water out of the house and to the main line, we have had a clogged main line previously). There is water, and we can hear it pouring in. Luckily it was rain/melt water! I immediately start throwing towels down to sop up what is there.

Next step, DH, his buddy who was over, and I throw on shoes and run out, grabbing shovels on our way, trying to figure out the problem. The problem being multifold.
1- We are less than 2 inches shy of record breaking snow for the year.
2- Our driveway has heaved in the middle, and is sending over half of the rain/melt back to the house.
3- It is raining
4- the downspout ends are still in snow and are frozen, so all the water is backed up and dripping out of seams… right next to the house.

New Gutter Installation to divert the water.

I start chopping like mad at snow and ice, trying to clear a path fro water to leave. Then someone else takes on that job, I start pushing water to the other side of the driveway, then dump my totes of Yarn to use them to catch water while the guys try and figure out how to divert the gutters. I ended up shoveling off a bush and the corner of our house to stop more water from melting and puddling there. The guys chop the frozen downspout and make it turn and empty on the other side of the driveway.

Inside we finish cleaning up and doing other preventative picking up to keep items from being wrecked. I poured a drink and cleaned toys up. I never did make it to the Y, but instead stayed up fretting about more problems and worrying about what we would wake up to. Luckily, the rain stopped… for a moment, and we haven’t had any more problems. I suppose I should clean up my yarn mess… but need to wait for my totes to dry off.

Where some of the stash ended up… hard to get to the sewing machines now… oops!

I hope everyone else is having better luck with this weather!


WIP Wednesday

I am still working on blocking my time and staying focused. When I do this, I am amazingly productive! Hopefully this gets better and better all month long! Yesterday I had the day off and got some major things crossed off the list and some cleaning done by following this. Today I am hoping to block time to work on listing items to the Etsy Shop and finishing a few more projects.

Most of my WIPs are the same ones they have been for a bit. I did finish the Dinos… so cute! The owls are coming along, they just need to be stitched up and beaks put on. Donuts need sprinkles, sea animals need to be stuffed and given faces.

What projects are you working on?

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Weekend Recap

Overall it was a really good weekend here! I hope everyone had a good weekend as well!

Friday was spent as home with just Little N. Big N and A were babysitting and had a sleepover at Aunties house after. They got spoiled and Little N got a Mommy Daddy Date where we went out to eat then played in the hot tub for a little bit.

Still able to smile after 14 miles!

Saturday was a Long Run day. 14 miles and Hubby felt great after his run, I felt like I might fall apart. My warm up was an hour with the snow blower. I accomplished 10 miles on the treadmill, an amazing feat considering 2 months ago I couldn’t bring myself to run 2 miles on one! At 10 miles I was bored and my left hip was starting to holler so I switched to the track to finish my last 4. My hip was ok while I walked, but screamed during my cool down. I finished the day with stretches and kept my legs moving with grocery shopping.

Sunday I took the kiddos for haircuts and pants shopping. The rest of the day was spent crafting. Part of my March focus is to focus on just doing one thing at a time, so I spent some lovely time with my sewing machines and made up some adorable T-Rex and football taggies to bring with to my next craft show. It was nasty cold outside, so inside time was amazing! Next step is to keep finishing projects I have started and start listing them on Etsy!

What did you do this weekend? What fun projects are you working on? What not so fun projects?