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You may know, I am an In-Home Daycare provider. Yes, it is wonderful to be inside my home at all hours of all the days… watching my personal items be trashed. Honestly, most days really are pretty good, but when the going gets tough, it gets really tough, and I’m still at work when the work goes home.

I have a few little tidbits, things I just never could make up if I tried.

Meal Time Antics
-combing another child’s hair with your used fork, eat more, repeat…
-peek-a-boo under the table, until someone smacks their head on the table and cries.
-whatever animal noises you can think of

Bathroom Antics
-I am always amazed at the amount of toilet paper a couple kids can make it through
-finding my children’s hair mud… and using half a jar
-using the training toilet for the younger kids who aren’t there that day, and not saying anything… that was a lovely find.
-a child “super man” on the toilet, aiming penis at the wall of public bathroom stall in the process, then peeing on the door as you frantically try to get in said locked stall.

Then there are the super fun things like dance parties and obstacle courses made of tape on the carpet 🙂

What things do your kids do that make you shake your head and wonder what happened? What things happen at your job that make you stop in your hat and wonder if your coworkers are really 3?

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Cheer them on

It’s been quite some time since my last post. Much happened since then, most has been unimportant and everyday, but fills up the time nonetheless.

One factor to the long break was a rant from the hubby as to how “EVERYONE HAS A BLOG THESE DAYS” and it somehow makes them an expert.  I have to admit right here, that I haven’t told him about this little page, and it has forced me to sit and figure out my why. REALLY figure it out! I write to help figure things out, and to let my customers and followers have a better idea of who I am, and maybe, what makes me tick.

Someday, I would love to have so many orders, things that people think of, then think of me, and say- “Hey, could you make this for me?” and I’d jump in and save the day and figure it out! All of these orders have to come from people trusting my work, and me enjoying what I am making. These are reasons why there is a smattering of different items in my Etsy Shop and why i sometimes feel like I am jumping around from thing to thing.  Just sewing stuffed animals, or knitting scarves, or crocheting afghans, and only doing one thing, would squish my creativity in a quick hurry.

Currently, many of my orders and products available, come because friends or friends of friend, mention something they would like, or share a pattern with me. These ideas spur me like nothing else. Projects like that include First Communion dresses from mom’s wedding dress (it is scary to cut apart another woman’s wedding dress!!!), weighted blankets (next in line), washcloths, Swiffer covers, stuffed giraffe, shawls, giant donuts…

My why is also that I’m not just a #mommymaker, I’m a runner, I love to cook, I also love to read, and camp, and chat with my friends. I keep lots of little people alive day in and day out, getting to play (and clean up poop), while moms and dads have to go to work. Many of my creations are for, tested or inspired by these little people. They help me pick out colors, and yarns. The older ones are asking to learn how to make things like me-It melts my heart every time.

Am I an expert? No! If I keep working, maybe someday I will be!
Do I expect to end up on the Today Show, teaching people how to make it big? No! If this ever happens, will have exceeded my wildest dreams, but I hope to embrace it and everything that brought me to that point.
Do I hope to inspire others to do what makes their hearts soar? YES! If you like to run, do it! If you like to create, do it! If you prefer to buy things other people make, do it! If you love to cook or bake, do it! Just remember, we are all different, and we can all offer support to those around us!

As I look at this, long and rambling, post and see I wrote “I am a runner” I am amazed! Two years ago, I was sitting on the couch, gaining inches, hating my body and needing a change. October 29, 2016 I started a Couch To program and haven’t turned back. Since that day, I ran my first half marathon, full marathon, marathon relay, Ragnar relay. This year, I still have a 5k and a road and a trail Ragnar scheduled. When I ask people to join me, they tell me they can’t. I let them know that they can, but I will never force them. I let them know that I will run with them, at any pace, and I will be there to listen to them. A friend was there for me as I progressed-Cheered me off the couch and onto the road. If you don’t want to run, or lift weights, or crochet a bear- be the person to cheer on your friend who does, but might be afraid to, or is struggling to remain motivated.



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Daycare doldrums

Oh boy! We sure need the weather to warm up! This week we were able to get outside – in snow pants and sweatshirts. We really need more sunshine and outside time though!

The kids have been a hot mess. Here have been sobbing fits for being having a glass of water placed in front of a couple of children.

I do love that two of my boys made “water guns” out of legos and pretended to have a squirt gun fight! Normally we don’t allow shooting, but they were so creative and explained they wanted it warm and what they were doing, so I allowed it.

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What the what!?

I do in home daycare, in doing that, there are a myriad of things that happen. Most of these are things I could never even make up if  I tried. Most of the time I tell my husband and maybe a few close friends what happened. After much thought, I feel I need to bring the world a few of these crazy stories.

After our wonderful family trip to Florida over spring break, we were blessed with a plastic grocery bag full of shells. My own children repeatedly dug through the bag and shells continued to break, and I was done moving them around the house.  I decided I had a small crew and we would go to Walmart to pick up a glass bowl or vase to hold the shells. (I take the kids to Walmart because we are usually not the craziest thing there, and they have carts where I can usually hold everyone!)

Alas, there were no large carts to hold all 4 of the kids. LP (18 months) went in the seat, E3 (2) and CF (3) were in the basket of the cart and MH (4) was left to walk, it should have been fine.  All of a sudden, I run into the other Crazy Daycare Lady Running Mom, and her daycare kiddos. We say hi and go our own ways. This is when MH decides to fall behind, then run and slide into home base in the store. I run into CDLRM again and he does it between us.  I am in shock and ask him to hold onto the cart.

At this time, I have picked out my glass vase, but have to hold it, as there is NO WAY I am putting it in the cart with the other kids. The other things I wanted to get was cloth napkins, which turned into curtains and rugs as well (look- Something shiny!) MH at this time was asked to walk touching the cart, and he decides to walk in front of the cart. Then stops suddenly… over and over… I am unable to stop the cart full of kids fast enough and run into him… over and over.

Somewhere along the line LP decided to take off her boots, because that’s what 18 month olds do. Luckily for me MH was behind me, getting ready to slide into  base. He picked them up and we put them under the cart. We make it to check out, have both boots. Make it to my truck, no boots. I look back and see one. WHEW! I put our bags into the truck, and off we go, looking for the other boot.  We backtrack to the self check out- nothing!- cashier confirms there were two boots when I checked out. Back to the truck, look through the bags, backtrack to check out and ask every single worker I see if they found a matching boot. Then backtrack through the entire store- N O T H I N G!

At this point, I am ready to cry. I do not want to buy a new pair of BOGS boots for a child that they will not fit next time they really need them. I load the kids in the truck and decide to drive past the door one last time. This is when time slows down, and I see the boot – on a garbage can lid!!! Manna from heaven! Of course the parking lot is suddenly  busy, and I can’t just stop and grab it. I have to find a parking spot, lock the doors, run to the boot, and then run back to the truck. I’m sure people were wondering what my problem was!

I haven’t left the house with the kids since!

Do you have any “fun” kid outing stories? What is your biggest worry when watching other people’s kids?