Working on it

So many things in life I’m working on. Being a better wife, mother, friend, keeping on tope of cleaning, keeping on top of my crafting projects, listing my completed projects, being a better runner, consistently posting here.

Somehow there is always more to do than there is time in the day. Or maybe I’m just distracted by something else and forget… Look something shiny/dirt/crabby/cute/electronic!

For the month of March, I am hoping to set a timer and work on one thing at a time. Maybe it will be five minutes of tidying, or one hour of crafting, thirty minutes on my resume, the list could go on and on. during a different season of my life, when my older children were young, I followed She was great at reminding everyone that baby steps make progress, messes bring chaos and more mess, a little is better than nothing, and working for small chunks of time can make a really big difference.

I really hope that resuming focused time will bring me less anxiety and more peace.

What do you do to stay focused and feel accomplished?


Weekend Warrior

Another weekend with long runs and lots of snow removal!

Friday I purchased new running shoes… I’ve never tried Mizunos, but I couldn’t find my go to Brooks or Adidas in my size and in a color that wasn’t horrible (all white… ummmm- Nope!). I’m hoping to try them out soon 🙂

Saturday I demolished my 13 mile training run! Without purposefully pushing hard, I finished only a few minutes slower than my half marathon goal time… I sure hope this sticks!

After my run, I brought my oldest and her friend to a gymnastics sectionals meet at our local high school, then brought the other daughters to How to Train a Dragon 3. It was an amazing day, and an amazing movie.

Saturday night into Sunday brought freezing mix and a foot of snow. Sunday was hours of snow removal, a one mile recovery run in 27 mph winds and whipping snow. I’m very much over the snow. It can be done any time now! Today we have another snow day (number 9 this month/all school year) since the plows couldn’t keep up with the drifting yesterday.

What did your weekend hold for you?

CrazyDaycareRunningMom Moment


You may know, I am an In-Home Daycare provider. Yes, it is wonderful to be inside my home at all hours of all the days… watching my personal items be trashed. Honestly, most days really are pretty good, but when the going gets tough, it gets really tough, and I’m still at work when the work goes home.

I have a few little tidbits, things I just never could make up if I tried.

Meal Time Antics
-combing another child’s hair with your used fork, eat more, repeat…
-peek-a-boo under the table, until someone smacks their head on the table and cries.
-whatever animal noises you can think of

Bathroom Antics
-I am always amazed at the amount of toilet paper a couple kids can make it through
-finding my children’s hair mud… and using half a jar
-using the training toilet for the younger kids who aren’t there that day, and not saying anything… that was a lovely find.
-a child “super man” on the toilet, aiming penis at the wall of public bathroom stall in the process, then peeing on the door as you frantically try to get in said locked stall.

Then there are the super fun things like dance parties and obstacle courses made of tape on the carpet 🙂

What things do your kids do that make you shake your head and wonder what happened? What things happen at your job that make you stop in your hat and wonder if your coworkers are really 3?

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Random Thoughts

I am sooooo very over winter. We didn’t even have snow until the very end of January, and now it just won’t stop. I can barely see cars parked in front of my house because the snowbanks are so high.

Projects, Projects, Projects! I have soo many in progress projects, and will likely be starting another. Hopefully, this weekend, I can get my Poly-Fil and start wrapping them up.

Run Streaks are for me. I know they aren’t for everyone, but I am a better trainer and feel so much stronger when I stick to a run streak. After walking away from my last one, I skipped a few training runs, and felt guilty. Back at it, yesterday was day 3!

Training- I am very excited to travel to St. Louis with the family for our Half Marathon Runcation/visiting friends! This is lots of motivation for sticking with the run streak and hopefully getting a PR!

Ragnar- I love these relay races and am signed up for two this year. Ragnar Road Minnesota in August and Ragnar Trail Wisconsin in September. Yesterday I was driving my teams crazy as I planned a few things for these races. If only they were less expensive, I could run more of them!

What is on your mind this week?


WIP Wednesday- The Pile is Growing

On Snow Day #8 today. Enough already. 5-8″ of snow today, freezing rain and another dumping on Saturday. I’m over it, and it hasn’t even been a month of snow yet. Snow Day #1 was January 28!

Due to the weather, AND our busy schedules, I have been unable to replace the Poly-Fil I am out of… for quite some time. The WIP pile keeps growing as I keep working on projects and setting them aside to be finished when I finally get some stuffing. We will see if I can finish everything before the craft show I am doing in March.

I currently have a couple hedgehogs, many sea creatures and owls, 6 T-rex and 6 fish stuffies in progress. I took a little time out over the weekend to make myself some new washcloths while we were out of town… mine were in great need of replacement!

6 T-rex, 6 fish, 11 owls, many sea creatures, and 2 hedgehogs. Not pictured- 2 donut pillows

To top off the craft show WIPs, I got my box for the first communion dresses I am making for a friend’s twins. I made the dress for their big sister using her wedding dress, and now it is time for their custom dresses. I need to spend some time this afternoon reading over my notes from last time, and cleaning the sewing room so I am ready to tackle that project.

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Fit Friday

Another week of amazing runs…and crazy weather. I managed to keep my run streak going… until yesterday.

Weekend– A short run to keep the streak on Saturday, then a day at the Ice Castles with the kids and friends. Sunday Runday 11 mile run- including a PR 5 miles on the treadmill before accidentally hitting the emergency off button!
Monday– the kids were home because of icy roads. I ran inside at the YMCA
Tuesday– a huge snowstorm arrived. At 6 am the weather said 2-4 inches of snow, we ended up with 12! The neighbors were kind enough to let me use their treadmill, where I ran my fastest 2 consecutive miles ever! DAY 40 of Run Streak
Wednesday– The kids had late start to help clear up the roads from the day before. I ran outside while the Middlest was at piano. Oh how I love a good, crisp, outside run!
Thursday– Kids had no school… again… as their had been freezing rain/mix overnight and we were predicted to get another 8 inches of snow… I think we got 6. I was up plenty early and didn’t go to the Y, worked a 9 hour day, and went out to eat with my family. It was amazing, and at the time, I was content with ending my run streak as I spent an hour shoveling while Hubby ran the snow blower. When I crawled into bed, I simmered in guilt and being upset with myself.
Friday– This morning, I got up and ran my run at the Y, and am set for a 12 mile run this weekend and lots of time with extended family!

I really do feel stronger for having done a run streak, and think I’m going to dust myself off and see if I can beat my 41 day streak!

What running accomplishments did you tackle this week? Have you done a run streak before? What was your experience?

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts Thursday

Mothere Nature needs to figure herself out! In the last 2 weeks, the kids have missed 6 days of school, had a 2 hour late start, and multiple after school activities canceled. this has ranged from freezing rain, snowstorms, and -50 degree weather. Enough already! Even the kids groaned when I told them this morning.

The treadmill is growing on me. 3 years ago, you couldn’t get me to run more than a mile on a treadmill. I did ALL of my training outside, even in negative windchills! I still love a nice, cold, outdoor run, but I’ve made it 5 miles on the treadmill in a go.

Teeth- My 11 and 6 year olds each lost a tooth this week. So much more drama from the 6 year old- she is sad a part of her body is gone, and completely disgusted by it. She still can’t look at the picture it.

Yarn- Still trying to do fun projects and see how much yarn I can use up. I think I need something new… hit me up with your favorite projects!

Runstreak– my run streak is still going thanks to my neighbors who let me use their treadmill for my fastest 2 mile run ever! I really feel like I am getting so much stronger!

Whats on your mind today?