What Just Happened?

After a wonderful meet up with the Sprinting Turtles, Hubby and I sat down with the kids to watch the Opening ceremonies on Friday. I was not overly wowed by the ceremonies, but they are fun to watch with the kids. Before going to bed, Hubby decided to pick me up and accidentally railed my head into a wooden beam separating the two levels of our super low drop ceiling in our basement. Lucky me- I now have a concussion.

This morning I tried a slow ride on the stationary bike. My eyes are tired and my head is fuzzy. Time to find some quiet play for the kiddos and try to keep things low key. My guess is this week will be a quiet on the blog front here.

I am sad that my running and likely my crocheting will be very minimal this week. Rest rest rest so I can get back at it.


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Fitness Friday

Another busy week with a few runs on he track and a bunch of days of Jillian. Nothing super exciting about the runs- I really am getting soft in my old age. I slog my miles out on the treadmill or track, but can’t wait to run outside again. There isn’t much holding me back, except for the fact I can run inside and not worry about breaking a hip in the dark on slick roads and sidewalks. I have been using more Aaptiv outdoor workouts, inside on the track. It sure helps the laps go faster, or at least less noticeably.

This morning was Day 10 of the 30 day shred. I have competed 8/10 workouts in this time. I need to go buy some hand weights. I am definitely stronger than last time I did this, and this is the first time I’ve done it consistently. The body resistance of moving my hands without weights isn’t doing much any more. I guess that is a win!

Honestly- trying to do this every single day while running 4ish days a week is exhausting. I’m going to stick with it, but don’t feel bad taking a day off if I have to. I guess it’s all part of being a mother runner and trying to fit it all in!

This morning was a run and Jillian so I can take the kids to a local sports center to run and burn off some crazy. Tonight Hubby and I get to join up with some of our Ragnar team so we can all meet and make a few decisions!


Chicken Broth Extravaganza

Part of keeping my grocery budget to a ridiculous is minimum this month is working on eating up all the randomness in our freezer. As I was digging through the other day, I realized just how many bags of bones and veggie ends I really had.

I save bones from chicken after I pick the meat off, then toss them in a bag. I also save all those onion/celery/carrot bits and pieces that go into their own bad. Usually, I make broth once I get a bag of each. I apparently put the task off for quite a while.

Last Friday, I filled my Nesco cooker and my largest canning stock pot with all the bags of stuff I found, added a little salt, pepper, bay leaf and topped it all off with water. Chilled it over night so I could scrape off the fat. Saturday I reheated it to can. Now I have 24 quarts of chicken broth!

Update on the Pantry Bail Out $150 budget- I’ve onky spent $14.94.

I’ve already got my next bag of veggies started!

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WIP x2

Monday was one of those days.  I was doing pretty good, rolling along with my Monday. I went to work on the Nice and Knit Beanie and my circular needle broke in mid round. I calmly set aside this project, vowing to avoid yarn purchases when I purchase a new one. I was a little irritated as I struggle with most of my hats. It doesn’t help that because I have issues with them, I only make them to order, so they HAVE to be a certain size.  I tend to have better luck when knitting, so that’s what I want with on this project.

Next I started working on the Crochet Island Play Set– trying so very, very hard to use up my stash, I prayed my two blues would be close enough. Having lost their labels ages ago, I had no way to tell. Honestly, they are so very close! Just not close enough, or so I thought, after doing a round I asked a few people to help me find the join, and no one could. I have finished the base, but now need to work on the island and creatures for this set.

I couldn’t help myself when I picked up my new circular needle… I bought yarn for ONE Campfire Blanket Scarf. I would eventually like to make 4-5 of these for when we have fires at our house, head to someone else’s fire, or are camping. Most of the time my kids are asking if they can have whatever I am making (for someone else or for the etsy shop) and I have to tell them no- I’m looking forward to making something specifically for them, just because.

What projects are you working on?  What are your current favorite colors/yarns?


Weekend Revelations

Dear Hubby got to take the weekend and ice fish with his friends. I had grand plans of everything I could get done with my weekend. I was going to can chicken stock on Friday,  Saturday I would clean the house and do my taxes while the kids played happily, Sunday we would play and watch the Super Bowl, maybe I’d get paint colors picked out.

This is what really happened- broth got canned on Saturday morning as I fought off the beginnings of a migraine. Couldn’t handle looking at the computer screen so napped with Bean, big girls played with friends. I almost couldn’t get home from returning the friend to her house because the roads were crap, fed the kids ice cream for supper- it was all I could muster. Went to bed early. I did manage to get one Jillian workout in and a split up few miles of running.

Sunday after Hubby came home, I struggled with the kids and attitudes. Bean oscillated between whining and needing to be touching me. Gnat was crabby and angry after I instated a no technology time. I began to feel angry and resentful, just wanting a break. I mustered through and snuggled Bean during the Super Bowl, even though she couldn’t sit still or stop talking. Then, at 6:30, she fell asleep in my lap and I was able to remember just how fully blessed I am. I soaked in all the joy that can come from holding a sleeping child. I took a picture with her, so I can look back and remember this fleeting moment. Then I put her in her bed, made silly faces at the big girls, and remembered, I am more blessed than I will ever realize.

My weekend may not have been what I wanted it to be, but I did what really needed to be done- spend time with my kids.

Today I am a mean mom who kept Abs home from school because she has a stomach ache and a headache. Influenza and a stomach bug are going around like wildfire in our community. If I can stop her from spreading it- if that is what’s wrong with her, I will. If it turns out she is fine, she has a day of rest to help her fight off the nastiness. I sure am hoping I can sneak in a little snuggle with her during everyone else’s nap/rest time.

What do you take for granted in life? How do you deal when things just don’t go your way?


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Follow Up Friday

Its FREEZING here this morning- currently -14 and it feels colder because of the wind.  I think it’s a perfect day to hunker down and enjoy the indoors!

Update on a few of the Challenges I have made for myself:

18 in 2018 & Stash Blaster: (2 of 18)  I finished three each of : Chuck Chick, Buddy Bunny & Rufus Lamb – Lalylala and two Funny Bunny – Lilleliis are crochet, just need to be stuffed and stitch.  All 11 of these projects have been created using yarn on hand.  I’m not going to lie- it feels pretty darn good to finally use some of these projects and yarn!


February Challenges: I am still on track for Jillian’s 30 Day Shred- and feeling it. I made it without having to head to the grocery store, but need to look in the freezer and plan out meals based on what we have for the next week.  A few questions came up as to how I intend to only spend $150 on groceries. We have food on hand, I just never feel like we do, this challenge will make me use more of that and get creative with ingredients on hand. I’ve included a few pictures of my food on hand to show what I have to use up 😳. Really a first world problem!


February Challenges

February is already here! It feels like it was just Christmas last week!

This February, I am going to do 2 BIG challenges.

  1. I’m going to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – 5+ days a week all month (I started yesterday- and am already feeling it).
    • I’m really hoping this will help with some of my back/glute/hamstring strength as I still get really tight after certain workouts and most runs.
    • I’m HORRIBLE at strength training for my running. Sharing this with you will hopefully help me be more accountable!
  2. I’m going to do a February Pantry Bail Out
    • I did something similar a few years ago in June. That year, my goal was to spend only $100 for our family of 4 for an entire month.  I came in at $98 and some change!
    • This year my goals are a little different as I run daycare and have a family of 5.  This time my goal is to stay under $150 (more realistically it should be $200- but I will see what magic I can muster).
    • This is a great way to use up all the random ingredients in your fridge, freezer and pantry! Last time, we ended up finding shrimp and salmon I forgot we had. We ate like kings!

What do you do to change things up at home or in your fitness quests? Anyone want to join me in either of these challenges?