Thursday Thoughts

Spring is taking her sweet time arriving. Our weather in Wisconsin has been cool with a smattering of warm days here and there. Just warm up already!

Not running is bumming me out. I am trying to focus on calf and other strengthening exercises and refraining from running since my ankle is sore at the end of the day still. I can do single leg toe raises without pain now… progress!

Kudos to all those people that cheer on us runners! Hubby ran a Half Marathon last weekend and I was in charge of cheering. He is soo fast that I was unable to make I too the finish end with the kids! AND I was cheering from where my parents cheered us on two years ago!

Resumes are a pain! I know I should have updated mine years ago, but I didn’t. The last time I used a resume was 8-10 years ago and it is horrible. I updated it quickly because I just needed to give them something, but basically had the job before I interviewed. Looking for a new job is going to give me hives!

May is flying by!

What has your thoughts moving today?

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