Thursday Musings

  • Agh- its been over a month since my last post. My last race didn’t go as expected and I was dealing with some tendonitis in my ankle. On top of my runner moping, I was frantically working on custom orders for Easter, first communion dresses for twins, and trying to work full time and be a good mom. I’ll recap all of that another time.
  • Not running to heal an injury is for the birds. It really is important, and I’m slowly getting back at it, but 4 runs in a month after training for 3 months hard is kind of tough.
  • Swimming laps is tough. My middlest has been going with me to the Y a few times and we swim laps together. I think the lifeguard thought I was going to drown this morning… Front Crawl is not my strong suit and I am dealing with a cold that is headed to my chest.
  • Meal planning needs to happen more! We tried Hello Fresh after our race and it was so nice to have everything together. I could really do the same thing if I planned and prepped better. That is going to be my goal this month.
  • I need to add some new recipes to the mix- anyone have suggestions?
  • All the feels. This is my last year of daycare and I am trying to update my resume. I get anxiety every time I start, but am slowly making progress. I am also quite emotional with different activities with the kids.
  • Spring Spring spring is here! All the spring plants are coming up, hubby has the pond running, and we are getting early season landscaping underway!
  • Summer Running- I’m looking forward to my next races in AUGUST and SEPTEMBER… Lots of time to work up slowly, strengthen, and speed up!

What’s new in your life? What are your families favorite recipes? What is your favorite cross training workout?

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