Weekend Wonderfulness

Nothing like the snow melting slowly and the sun shining to make life good. After our initial water intake, the house hasn’t had any more issues. Thank Goodness! The kids were able to get their bikes out over the weekend! This offered up lots of laps around our block and a trip to the candy shop in town. This was a nice end to their spring break where we mostly relaxed at home while I worked with less kids.

Now that spring is here and the snow piles are a little lower, I’ve been braving the pot hole filled roads and puddles to run outside more. Last weekend was 15 miles and this weekend was 10 with a buddy. I love running outside and am glad to get some miles in on pavement before the GO! St. Louis Half in two weeks.

I’m not sure if it’s the pavement or my new shoes, but my ankle is increasingly stiff and can be tender. My new shoes are a neutral shoe, I’m not sure why I ended up buying a neutral shoe, I know I need more support, but I guess I just wanted to try it out and see. Today I’m rocking full support shoes and some KT tape. Lots of water, lower and slower milage for the next two weeks, and praying it is better.

Beyond running, I’m busy working on first communion dresses for twin girls I know. We are using their mom’s wedding dress for parts of their dresses. I am also prepping for a craft show that happens next Saturday. Crafty, Crafty, Crafty!

What’s new in your life? What are your favorite shoes to run in? What is your favorite race?

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