Working on it

So many things in life I’m working on. Being a better wife, mother, friend, keeping on tope of cleaning, keeping on top of my crafting projects, listing my completed projects, being a better runner, consistently posting here.

Somehow there is always more to do than there is time in the day. Or maybe I’m just distracted by something else and forget… Look something shiny/dirt/crabby/cute/electronic!

For the month of March, I am hoping to set a timer and work on one thing at a time. Maybe it will be five minutes of tidying, or one hour of crafting, thirty minutes on my resume, the list could go on and on. during a different season of my life, when my older children were young, I followed She was great at reminding everyone that baby steps make progress, messes bring chaos and more mess, a little is better than nothing, and working for small chunks of time can make a really big difference.

I really hope that resuming focused time will bring me less anxiety and more peace.

What do you do to stay focused and feel accomplished?

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