Weekend Warrior

Another weekend with long runs and lots of snow removal!

Friday I purchased new running shoes… I’ve never tried Mizunos, but I couldn’t find my go to Brooks or Adidas in my size and in a color that wasn’t horrible (all white… ummmm- Nope!). I’m hoping to try them out soon 🙂

Saturday I demolished my 13 mile training run! Without purposefully pushing hard, I finished only a few minutes slower than my half marathon goal time… I sure hope this sticks!

After my run, I brought my oldest and her friend to a gymnastics sectionals meet at our local high school, then brought the other daughters to How to Train a Dragon 3. It was an amazing day, and an amazing movie.

Saturday night into Sunday brought freezing mix and a foot of snow. Sunday was hours of snow removal, a one mile recovery run in 27 mph winds and whipping snow. I’m very much over the snow. It can be done any time now! Today we have another snow day (number 9 this month/all school year) since the plows couldn’t keep up with the drifting yesterday.

What did your weekend hold for you?

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