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Random Thoughts

I am sooooo very over winter. We didn’t even have snow until the very end of January, and now it just won’t stop. I can barely see cars parked in front of my house because the snowbanks are so high.

Projects, Projects, Projects! I have soo many in progress projects, and will likely be starting another. Hopefully, this weekend, I can get my Poly-Fil and start wrapping them up.

Run Streaks are for me. I know they aren’t for everyone, but I am a better trainer and feel so much stronger when I stick to a run streak. After walking away from my last one, I skipped a few training runs, and felt guilty. Back at it, yesterday was day 3!

Training- I am very excited to travel to St. Louis with the family for our Half Marathon Runcation/visiting friends! This is lots of motivation for sticking with the run streak and hopefully getting a PR!

Ragnar- I love these relay races and am signed up for two this year. Ragnar Road Minnesota in August and Ragnar Trail Wisconsin in September. Yesterday I was driving my teams crazy as I planned a few things for these races. If only they were less expensive, I could run more of them!

What is on your mind this week?

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