WIP Wednesday- The Pile is Growing

On Snow Day #8 today. Enough already. 5-8″ of snow today, freezing rain and another dumping on Saturday. I’m over it, and it hasn’t even been a month of snow yet. Snow Day #1 was January 28!

Due to the weather, AND our busy schedules, I have been unable to replace the Poly-Fil I am out of… for quite some time. The WIP pile keeps growing as I keep working on projects and setting them aside to be finished when I finally get some stuffing. We will see if I can finish everything before the craft show I am doing in March.

I currently have a couple hedgehogs, many sea creatures and owls, 6 T-rex and 6 fish stuffies in progress. I took a little time out over the weekend to make myself some new washcloths while we were out of town… mine were in great need of replacement!

6 T-rex, 6 fish, 11 owls, many sea creatures, and 2 hedgehogs. Not pictured- 2 donut pillows

To top off the craft show WIPs, I got my box for the first communion dresses I am making for a friend’s twins. I made the dress for their big sister using her wedding dress, and now it is time for their custom dresses. I need to spend some time this afternoon reading over my notes from last time, and cleaning the sewing room so I am ready to tackle that project.

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