Kids- The Powers That Be

I love my girls dearly! I can’t imagine life without them, even when they push me to the edge, and let up just in time for me to regain whatever sense of composure I may have.

When I started running in October of 2016, I wanted to be fit, not growing ever softer and plumper, and I wanted to do it on my terms. I started run walking and slowly built up to being able to run continuous miles. My husband and I signed up for the Eau Claire Half Marathon, to both run our own races and challenge ourselves at our own levels.

Since this time, our girls have been my biggest cheerleaders and motivators. After I was able to run continuous miles and worked at building milage and speed, they were always impressed. There were days when I didn’t want to, but I wanted to show them that working hard, and putting your mind to it, you can do anything. I also work hard at reminding them that for most of us, the race is a race against ourselves, what we can do, how much faster or further we can go. I will not be on a podium anytime soon, but each race I finish, I am a winner because I pushed through something.

Ok- Now that all that sappy (but completely true) stuff is out of the way…

Last night the girls wanted to go on a “Daddy is gone for the weekend date” to our local Japanese/Sushi place. I hadn’t run yet, and realized it would be a very late supper if I ran first. As I was trying to figure it out, I decided to just end my run streak, because time with them was more important, and I made it to the end of January – my goal. The girls about lost their mind and started yelling at me to keep it going, not to stop, and that I could do great things.

We went for supper, I vowed to eat lightly, and run later, well… I almost at just a little… almost. Three wonderful miles happened later in the night, as did one mile this morning before we go and spend a wonderful day outdoors. I am proud to say that my little Powers That Be kept me going this time, showed me how strong I could be, reminded me to see just how much I could do if I put my mind to it!

Who motivates you? Keeps you working at your goals?

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