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Fab, Fit, Friday!

It is Friday, yet it feels like Monday? Sunday? I am just all messed up!
A nice weekend with friends and family, then the kids had 4 days in a row off for snow then freezing cold. Actual temperatures plummeted to -30 below and colder, then windchills hit -50 and colder. Thank Goodness for our YMCA membership!

In January I decided to try out a run streak to get into a rhythm with half marathon training for the St. Louis Half Marathon I will be running with the Hubby (Well, we will both be running, but not together). 4 days in December plus every single day in January put me at 35 days in a row!!!! It felt AMAZING to be able to say I completed it and my legs feel great. Sometimes it felt silly, like when I realized at 10 pm last night that I hadn’t run. Hubby was gone, and it was below zero… so I ran in the living room back and forth until my watch said one mile without GPS.

Must get run in, friend invited me for wine, only -1. Ran to her house and drank wine, Hubby picked me up after his run at the Y!

I’m not sure how long I can/will keep this streak going, but it was pretty amazing to keep it going all month. I had to hit the Y with my friend, sweat up her treadmill the next day, and give myself reason to get outside (all the way to -26 windchill) to get one mile or more in to keep the streak going. Heading into longer runs with this training has me questioning if I’ll keep it going, but I’ll see. I’ll stop when my body says I need to stop, and realize how much stronger I am.

107 Miles Logged in January!
I found this cool shoe to color in as I gather Milage… Something motivating to see how far I’ve come. I plan to color each month in a different color… and hope to add more shoes. There are other options at this site to make the tracker fit your needs/goals!

Shoe Tracker I found after I made my other one. Using them both for now 🙂

What are you doing to stay on track with your running/fitness/life goals as we head into month 2 of 2019?

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