Random Thoughts Thursday

Mother Nature is soo all over the place. We keep being told we are going to get hit with inches of snow, and get freezing rain or nothing. This morning we had an inch or so of snow and it was even a possibility! Yay for not having to look at dead grass! Now to brace for the sub-zero temps that are coming.

Run Streaks– I am LOVING my run streak. I didn’t intend to do one at first, but Hubby and I ended the year with some back to back days of runs, which flowed into the start of our Half Marathon Training. He went a week and decided a break was needed. I’m happy he listened to his body as I don’t think he knows “slow” or “easy” when he runs. My streak is currently on day 27. Rest days are a slow 1 mile and my legs are LOVING it. I do feel like my speed is maybe suffering, so I think I will be done with this at the end of January… to be determined. 🙂

Food food food!– I am hungry all the time (thanks to all the running) and have really been craving either super light foods like salad or heavy, hearty, home cooking … I think everything on my list for what I wanted this week included lots of starch. I also bought the giant box of mixed greens and have been hitting all the salads.

Creativity and challenges– I’ve made a few egg gathering aprons lately, and have two more almost ready to ship. I decided I wasn’t in love with the pattern I started out with (really a great on, just not exactly what my customers were looking for). I decided to write my first pattern and have been working on that – It will come in a different post, when I think I have all the kinks worked out.

What’s on your mind this week? What foods have you been enjoying? Any other streakers out there?

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