WIP Wednesday- So Many Things

In my efforts to complete projects that are started, it works out pretty well to put them out here in hopes that it motivates me to finish them up.

These weighted blankets will be going to brothers. I have the space one finished up (minus trimming threads), and the game on one I have some of the weights measured out for each square.

These donut bottoms were completed in October… Maybe I should finish them? What colors do you think? I have two done- a red and a teal, both with white sprinkles.

This is a “just for me” project… hopefully I like it, I have not been in love with the last few things I have made for myself. This is is an Earl Grey Wrap from Two of Wands using Lion brand Mandala Baby in Wishing well and Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton in CafĂ© au Lait.

This last project is for the kiddos. We shuffled rooms a couple years ago, but the Littles were stuck with big sister’s pinholes, dings, and grime she applied to the wall. Last week, we picked out colors and I was given a few requests for what they would like. Now to decide if I’m going to sand the slight ridge on the top and bottom of the blue stripe (that goes ALL the way around the room) or if I just repaint it.

What projects do you have underway?

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