Happy New Year!

Last year ended in a whirlwind… as most years tend to. Christmas, birthdays, New Years all left me feeling rushed and chaotic. I tried to take a deep breath and focus on the joy at hand, but know I could probably have done better.

No resolutions here, but I am three days into half marathon training, and on a five day run streak… hoping to keep that going! A few friends posted their “word” for the year. The one word that was going to make their lives productive and wonderful. I don’t have one of those either… I pondered and pondered and pondered, but can’t get it down to one word. Maybe a word will come to me, if it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant to be.

My intentions for the year are to try and tie up loose ends faster, and have fewer projects in progress at once. (As I type this, I have walls I’ve prepped for painting, 2 weighted blankets in progress, and some of Christmas down). I’m hoping that by multitasking less, I can focus more intently on the project at hand, and feel a bit more centered.

What are your resolutions? Goals? Intentions? Words? for the coming year?

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