Weekend Wrap Up

A weekend with no crafting- this is so odd for me!  I was able to take the kids from their last day of school and go camping with friends from college. We all had a blast playing in the water, sitting around a fire, and enjoying the company of great friends! I even got a nice 5k run in with one of the crew as a replacement to the fun run we were going to do the year before, medals included.

When we got home on Sunday, yardwork and unpacking ruled the roost. While I was weeding, Hubby pulled a honey bee from my hair, and a while later I was stung by a bumble bee on my inner thigh. I think it somehow got stuck to my pants and stung me. I immediately iced, took Benadryl and Zantac to help stop my body from going into overdrive. While attempting to ice outside, a ground wasp decided to start flying around me, I headed inside right away.

Now to finish all the laundry from the weekend, plot the summer with the kids, and work on some crocheting or knitting 🙂 I’m hoping my bee swelling stays lower today so I can get another run in- Ragnar Great River and Northwoods Trail are in my horizon.

What are you planning on doing this summer? What do your kids want to do? Any races you have plans to run.

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