May Mania

Yesterday Started May- and my resolve to be consistent this month on the Blog- guess I failed already. I’m not willing to throw in the towel, so will try again!

This is a busy month with Races, birthdays, end of school, and sports!

The weather has finally been nice and I have been working in the yard, the daycare kids have been helping me take some dirt out of a couple of gardens where we are planning to put rock, lots of leaves to get out of the bushes, and I took out some ferns that spread and spread and suddenly you find one in the middle of the yard!

I have some crocheted sea animals to add to my Etsy listing- but I need to sew them together first., I haven’t made much progress with Wonder Woman, and is 💚LoVe💚 to start some turtles since I’m all in Ragnar right now! Go Sprinting Turtles!

This weekend will be the Eau Claire Marathon and I’m running the marathon relay, then 2 weeks before Ragnar Chicago. My IT Band was fine until I ran 10 miles (2 with Bean on her bike- the stop and go did me in!) the plan is to try a compression sleeve tonight and not run again until the race- unless the sleeve helps just enough, then I’m sure I’ll sneak another run in 🤪

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