Winter… spring? What am I supposed to do?

Last Friday we started with rain, which turned into snow, and continued until today! We have something between 10-12 inches of white stuff. There were bouts of rain and lots of blowing and drifting, so it is really  hard to tell for sure what we ended up with. I’m not going to lie- I’ve been trying to stay positive, but am really REALLY struggling with this! Being stuck at home all weekend, I have no excuse for not accomplishing anything. I just didn’t.

Today the kids are home from school, as the roads were still not very good this morning. The kids have been playing nicely, I am still not productive. My goal is to post some listings on the Etsy site, and to get the house (kind of) picked up before we go sign up for figure skating tonight. I also would like to finish the last 4 donuts I was crocheting!

Anyone else get hit with a pile of snow? How are you staying  motivated with the “ugh” weather? What projects are motivating you?


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