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What the what!?

I do in home daycare, in doing that, there are a myriad of things that happen. Most of these are things I could never even make up if  I tried. Most of the time I tell my husband and maybe a few close friends what happened. After much thought, I feel I need to bring the world a few of these crazy stories.

After our wonderful family trip to Florida over spring break, we were blessed with a plastic grocery bag full of shells. My own children repeatedly dug through the bag and shells continued to break, and I was done moving them around the house.  I decided I had a small crew and we would go to Walmart to pick up a glass bowl or vase to hold the shells. (I take the kids to Walmart because we are usually not the craziest thing there, and they have carts where I can usually hold everyone!)

Alas, there were no large carts to hold all 4 of the kids. LP (18 months) went in the seat, E3 (2) and CF (3) were in the basket of the cart and MH (4) was left to walk, it should have been fine.  All of a sudden, I run into the other Crazy Daycare Lady Running Mom, and her daycare kiddos. We say hi and go our own ways. This is when MH decides to fall behind, then run and slide into home base in the store. I run into CDLRM again and he does it between us.  I am in shock and ask him to hold onto the cart.

At this time, I have picked out my glass vase, but have to hold it, as there is NO WAY I am putting it in the cart with the other kids. The other things I wanted to get was cloth napkins, which turned into curtains and rugs as well (look- Something shiny!) MH at this time was asked to walk touching the cart, and he decides to walk in front of the cart. Then stops suddenly… over and over… I am unable to stop the cart full of kids fast enough and run into him… over and over.

Somewhere along the line LP decided to take off her boots, because that’s what 18 month olds do. Luckily for me MH was behind me, getting ready to slide into  base. He picked them up and we put them under the cart. We make it to check out, have both boots. Make it to my truck, no boots. I look back and see one. WHEW! I put our bags into the truck, and off we go, looking for the other boot.  We backtrack to the self check out- nothing!- cashier confirms there were two boots when I checked out. Back to the truck, look through the bags, backtrack to check out and ask every single worker I see if they found a matching boot. Then backtrack through the entire store- N O T H I N G!

At this point, I am ready to cry. I do not want to buy a new pair of BOGS boots for a child that they will not fit next time they really need them. I load the kids in the truck and decide to drive past the door one last time. This is when time slows down, and I see the boot – on a garbage can lid!!! Manna from heaven! Of course the parking lot is suddenly  busy, and I can’t just stop and grab it. I have to find a parking spot, lock the doors, run to the boot, and then run back to the truck. I’m sure people were wondering what my problem was!

I haven’t left the house with the kids since!

Do you have any “fun” kid outing stories? What is your biggest worry when watching other people’s kids?

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