Weekend review

Another weekend in the books. Heath got a shave and a bath, not he looks like a puppy again! That took a couple of hours out of my Saturday!

Hubby finished texturing the wall patch from the fire two summers ago… it sometimes takes us a while to get motivated enough to go. I went to get a gallon of paint, only to find the color was no longer available and had to pick a new color. I opted for a lighter color and decided to go with the Benjamin Moore paint since I liked how well it painted when we painted our house a few summers ago. I don’t hate he new color, but I’m not in love with it. I’m really hoping curtains and decorations help!

Today at daycare it’s Dinosaur shirt day! My kiddos keep asking why I never have one, so Bean and I both got new dinosaur shirts to wear with all the boys!

This week will be a busy week with kid activities and getting ready for Florida.

Anyone else dreaming of sunshine and warm weather?

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