Chicken Broth Extravaganza

Part of keeping my grocery budget to a ridiculous is minimum this month is working on eating up all the randomness in our freezer. As I was digging through the other day, I realized just how many bags of bones and veggie ends I really had.

I save bones from chicken after I pick the meat off, then toss them in a bag. I also save all those onion/celery/carrot bits and pieces that go into their own bad. Usually, I make broth once I get a bag of each. I apparently put the task off for quite a while.

Last Friday, I filled my Nesco cooker and my largest canning stock pot with all the bags of stuff I found, added a little salt, pepper, bay leaf and topped it all off with water. Chilled it over night so I could scrape off the fat. Saturday I reheated it to can. Now I have 24 quarts of chicken broth!

Update on the Pantry Bail Out $150 budget- I’ve onky spent $14.94.

I’ve already got my next bag of veggies started!

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