Weekend Revelations

Dear Hubby got to take the weekend and ice fish with his friends. I had grand plans of everything I could get done with my weekend. I was going to can chicken stock on Friday,  Saturday I would clean the house and do my taxes while the kids played happily, Sunday we would play and watch the Super Bowl, maybe I’d get paint colors picked out.

This is what really happened- broth got canned on Saturday morning as I fought off the beginnings of a migraine. Couldn’t handle looking at the computer screen so napped with Bean, big girls played with friends. I almost couldn’t get home from returning the friend to her house because the roads were crap, fed the kids ice cream for supper- it was all I could muster. Went to bed early. I did manage to get one Jillian workout in and a split up few miles of running.

Sunday after Hubby came home, I struggled with the kids and attitudes. Bean oscillated between whining and needing to be touching me. Gnat was crabby and angry after I instated a no technology time. I began to feel angry and resentful, just wanting a break. I mustered through and snuggled Bean during the Super Bowl, even though she couldn’t sit still or stop talking. Then, at 6:30, she fell asleep in my lap and I was able to remember just how fully blessed I am. I soaked in all the joy that can come from holding a sleeping child. I took a picture with her, so I can look back and remember this fleeting moment. Then I put her in her bed, made silly faces at the big girls, and remembered, I am more blessed than I will ever realize.

My weekend may not have been what I wanted it to be, but I did what really needed to be done- spend time with my kids.

Today I am a mean mom who kept Abs home from school because she has a stomach ache and a headache. Influenza and a stomach bug are going around like wildfire in our community. If I can stop her from spreading it- if that is what’s wrong with her, I will. If it turns out she is fine, she has a day of rest to help her fight off the nastiness. I sure am hoping I can sneak in a little snuggle with her during everyone else’s nap/rest time.

What do you take for granted in life? How do you deal when things just don’t go your way?


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