100 Laps

It was cold, dark and slippery out last night when Hubby was finally able to make it home from work. He had big plans of getting up at 4:30 this morning to go back. I decided to hit the YMCA and run on the track, maybe force myself onto the hamster wheel. Before I left, I picked a couple of running workouts from my Aaptive app. The plan was to see how I felt when I got there, and how busy the track was before picking which workout I would do.

It didn’t seem too busy (it was almost 8pm!) so I picked the 40 min workout. I usually run a bit slower on the track, and can’t get my Garmin watch to pick up GPS in the building, so I just run by feel and figure out my speed later. This is where the Aaptive workouts are great!  I usually like the music, and have a trainer telling me to slow down or speed up, I don’t have to think about what I am doing, I can just run!

After my 40 min workout was done, the track was still slow, and I had the desire to put on some more miles, so I decided to plug into a 25 min workout. That went great as well! When it was all said and done, I ran 7 miles, plus my warm up and cool down laps. This totaled 100 laps! 13 laps to a mile can get a bit monotonous is you are focusing on it.  I do have a pipe cleaner with 13 pony beads to help me count how far I’ve gone.  This was a project Bean helped me with before she ran the track with me one Saturday.  I was able to keep track of my miles this way.

What is  your favorite workout app? Where do you prefer to run in the winter?



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