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Whirlwind Weekend

I had every intention of writing this weekend.  I’d really like to become more organized about my posts and getting them in consistently… progress, not perfection… I guess!

Friday the hubby and I did our second Friday Happy Hour Date in a row. When we are both done with work, we are letting A watch Bean and we go out for one hour. It is AMAZING! We made the bartenders laugh at our banter about him trying to order a drink for me (which I then ended up ordering anyway, because he really does know what I like 🙂 ) Then the rest of the night was family snuggle time.

Saturday we both ran then the family headed to Deluth to celebrate our nephew’s birthday, tried out a brewery, had Mexican food, and finally made it home. We are super blessed that dear Heath Dog was able to be let out by my MIL or we likely would have found a puddle or two upon our return. What we did find on our return was a small hole in the ceiling of our mud room and when Hubby pushed on a crack near it, we had another hole. We decided to tape it off for the night and address it later- we saw “honey” comb and were fearful the attic area was maybe warm enough for a wasp to be moving around).

Sunday the girls and I ended up cleaning the whole house after a tantrum for being asked to do one chore. I LOVE me a clean house! It is AMAZING! Hubby helped a friend prep for window replacement (A super idea in WI in the winter). When he came home, he investigated the holes and we found a double layer of comb and no eggs/larva/live bees/wasps.  I sure hope it stays that way! It appears the ground wasps we knew were making a nest under our shingles (and have since sealed off) made a nest just above the sheetrock in our mudroom, and eating said sheetrock. Fingers crossed we don’t have any more issues!

Last night we had MIL and SIL+fam over for dairy free lasagna roll ups- mine were gluten free as well. All were delish! I’m sure those that could eat dairy would have enjoyed cheese, but this lady was only making so many variations of the same meal. We attempted to take the kids for ice cream to reward the quick and quality cleaning earlier in the day- but the ice cream shop closed 3 minutes before we got there. Now They have an Ice Cream IOU.

During all of this crazieness… I was able to start and finish Scarf a friend requested. It was really nice to be able to decompress with this easy pattern that looks soo nice 🙂 I ended up using the Grit Stitch Infinity Scarf with Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn in Chicago Charcoal. This was the first yarn I purchased in 2018- I made it 28 days without buying ANY yarn! This is huge for me 🙂B41616EE-3BDC-4E41-93F4-BFF3AE27CAD2


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