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Snowday Completions

It’s been a snowy couple of days. Yesterday we got 7-8 inches- best I can tell, it was blowing and drifting some. Due to the weather, the kids had no school. They played together nicely and helped out with my few daycare kiddos that made it.  In between playing with the kids and the two and a half hours of snow-blowing, I was able to finish up these three projects!

Giraffe Re-do
Little fish… well, not so little
Sleepy fox









The Giraffe and Fox are both patterns from Dolls and Daydreams. The Giraffe is a re-do from one I made at Christmas. Unfortunately the first one was made with a different fabric and it began fraying at every seam and started to fall apart- not the kind of product I like to send out!  The fish is from BirchFabrics and was a really fun pattern to work with!

I had high hopes of getting a few other projects wrapped up, but the snow got in the way!  Today the kids started school 2 hours late, and I was planning on going on a field trip with A. The delayed start meant that Bean didn’t have school at all today and I have a free day to work on projects and play with her.  I should probably lower my project expectations and help work on the snow fort we started yesterday.

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