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Weekend wanderings

It was a fun filled weekend at our house! A day at the waterpark with cousins, massage for mom, filling the fridge with groceries, sewing, and a GLORIOUS 5 mile run outside!

Not being the most graceful person in the world, there were no pictures of the water park- I don’t need to drop my phone or camera in the pool! The kids had a wonderful time and didn’t even bat an eye when I left to meet my mom for lunch and a massage.

Although everything was great, running outside for 5 full miles was amazing.  This winter, most of my runs have been in the 2-3 mile range. Trying to get anything more than that on the treadmill or track is brutal. The outside runs I have done have dealt with slippery snow/ice covered roads or sidewalks. Luckily there was a heat wave in WI last week and much of that melted. The roads were clear and fantastic.  I plugged in my headphones and turned on an Aaptive workout and ran my hearts content! I’ve apparently gotten a bit faster as I judged it would be a 4 mile run, but it was really 5!

It was extra good that I ran a little further, as A wanted to make breakfast that “wasn’t pancakes”. After looking around, she settled on crepes… and they were delish.  We even made them gluten and dairy free so I could enjoy them as well!

Due to all the fun we had, I only had small snippets of time to work on crafts. Today we are getting hit with a big storm.  The snow is just starting, and is supposed to come down hard all day.  I’m getting ready to hunker down and finish up some projects, and start a few new ones that have been requested.

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