Running, slipping, sliding

This morning it was a balmy 26 degrees and I just couldn’t bring myself to run 40 laps or to jump on the dread-mill. The miles weren’t going to run themselves, and training had to happen. I laced up my shoes and hit the sloppy mess that are WI roads right now. Thank goodness I remembered to put the headlamp on before I went out! 3 miles of looking down, short strides, and trying to stay upright are complete. I did attempt to jump on the sidewalks for a bit, but they were not much better. Snowy in some spots, icy in others, and occasionally clear… this is where I worried I just couldn’t see the ice.

Slipping and not gripping aside, it was glorious!  I (almost) forgot how much I love outdoor running! The gym is great, and I am so very happy to  be able to run inside if I need to, but the cold, fresh air and not sweating after 3 steps is AMAZING!

Last winter I fell in love with Under Armor Infared Gear.  This morning I had a cold gear inner layer and tights, and my Infared outer on. Gloves and a hat. I was set to go and plenty warm! When it is really cold I add an extra inner layer and pair of pants, sometimes a windbreaker too.

What do you do while running in the winter? Inside? Outside? Favorite Gear?


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