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Progress, I think

It’s been one of those weeks where I probably have to many pots on the fire at once.

My middlest child had band/orchestra open house to decide which music class she wants to take next year. After trying almost all of the instruments offered, she decided she would really like to play the Bass. This makes me a little sad as I have amazing memories from participating in Marching Band during high school.  Our district has amazing music programs and the Orchestra has come far since I was in school.  If she sticks with it, she will have an opportunity to participate in Wire Choir- a dancing orchestra that reminds me of Show Choir.

I have 3 sewn stuffed animals in progress, but can’t seem to just finish them up. I was able to use fabric I had on hand for these projects (yay stash blasting!). I am working on reorganizing my fabric to help with realizing what I have on hand, and guiding some of my projects.

I also am working on my 18 in 2018 and have completed Chuck Chick, Buddy Bunny & Rufus Lamb.  I liked them so much in the neutral yarn, I decided I would try to do each one in a blue and a purple color scheme before I listed them in the shop.  I’m not sure I’m completely sold on the colors, but the kiddos seem to think they are the best. (My kids may always tell me that things are cute- if they don’t I know it really is a bomb) The bonus with these is that I have all of the yarn and stuffing on hand – YAY for working toward the goal of using up that stash!

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