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So Many Choices, So Little Time

As a busy mom all the time, and crazy daycare lady during the week, time to work on my growing list of projects is limited. One way around this is to teach older kids how to crochet, allowing me to feel less guilty if I pick up my own yarn project!

This year, I am hoping to cull through my growing list of possible projects. I have a binder full of items I have made in the past, or purchased and printed with the intent of completing in the future. Sometimes it is just overwhelming to look at and decide, yet I am unable to get rid of any of them, for fear I may want them in the future.

To give myself guidance, I am hoping to look through and make items that would be fit for the shop in 3 months or so. If I like the project, there may even be color options. If I don’t like the pattern, or process, then out the door with that pattern.  I will even re-try hats… these have been a nemesis of mine for years, and I avoid them at all cost.  Although when my customers request a hat, I will make 12 of them to finally get the sizing correct.

I also plan to use up some of my growing yarn stash- I say this every year… but somehow, the stash does not decrease. It does not help that many/most of my labels have been removed by helpful hands and color/yarn matching is out of the question. I’m thinking that over spring break, there may be a stash blaster scrapgan to occupy my time as passenger to sunny Florida and back to chilly Wisconsin. Who am I kidding? … I’ll have fallen in love with some fantastic yarn, or adorable pattern, and my stash will grow some more :).

I’d love to hear from you- What are your favorite yarns? patterns? ways to organize it all?

2 thoughts on “So Many Choices, So Little Time”

  1. I love many of Martina Behm’s patterns, most sock patterns and classic patterns by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I use plastic storage tubs to store my yarn. In a perfect world I’d have two extra large bins. Currently I have two extra large and three regular bins. I divide the yarn by weight with worsted and above in one and smaller than worsted in the other. It’s all stored in the basement. That keeps my family and pets out of the bins:)

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    1. As pictured most of mine is in rolling bins, keeps my darling dog from laying on it and makes it easier when the kids want a certain color. My yarn that’s just for me – I hide 🙂 Thanks for the pattern reccomendations! I’m following your lead and doing some projects with yarn I have and extending to patterns I have this year!

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