Finish It Friday, Knitting

Finished It Friday

It’s Friday! The first Friday of the new year, and I have a finished project (from last year)!

My mother has been patiently (or maybe not so patiently waiting- I’m not sure)waiting for me to finish this poncho.  I have one just like it that she liked so much she asked for her own. It is super versatile and cozy to wear! Nothing like looking nice and feeling like you are wrapped up in your favorite blanket at the same time!

Pardon my Pack N Play
Pardon my Pack N Play
Beautiful Ribbed Edge
My favorite Detailing

Pardon my Photography skills… they are in progress!

This poncho is from a pattern I purchased from Melissa Schaschwary years ago on Ravelry.  I was beyond happy to use it again to make this (very late) Christmas Gift for my mom.

Now that this project is complete, I need to finish up my other WIP, a beautiful Mother of the Groom Dress for a beach wedding. This one is soo close to being done, and needs to be done by Sunday!

What projects are you working on or just finished with?


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