New Year, new perspectives

This is going to be a bit of a potpori post! So many things that are getting me going this morning!

As always, it is fun and a little sad to reflect on what you did or didn’t do in the last year.  Overall, I had a great year last year! I ran my first half marathon and my first full. I watched my daughters learn to work hard and reach their own goals, and feel closer than ever to my husband. I do wish life would have allowed my friends and I to spend more time together, but we always have fun when we can etch that bit of time out for each other!

The holidays were crazy and wonderful, as usual! Time with family and bringing in the New Year with friends.  Now to buckle down and get situated for the rest of this amazing year!  My word for the year is going to be GOALS.  I have been drifting along for ages in my relationships, with my crafting, and with my running. 2018 will be the year I set small goals, over and over, and see just how high I can reach!

Christmas brought a gift of a family YMCA membership (my first gym membership since being pregnant with my oldest daughter!), this is going to get some serious use as I get more serious about my training AND strengthening. I really stink at making sure to get strength workouts in! This gift has been a godsend as wind-chills in WI have been 20-30 BELOW zero since Christmas!

Hanging out with family brought a decision to head to Florida over spring break with my SIL and her family. She is the newest member to our Ragnar Team (The Sprinting Turtles), this means I have a warm weather running buddy! Although we are all excited for warm weather and cousin time, this means that I may need to re-evaluate my desire to run the St. Louis Half Marathon. My current decision is to continue training and decide closer to the race. I really want to be able to do more fun things WITH my kids, while still racing. I just need to be mindful of it all.

After I finally finished creating all most of my Christmas gifts (my darling mother is still patiently waiting for hers to be finished) and orders, I decided to be more mindful of my creations for the Kahlua and Dreams. I am finishing a custom made Mother of the Groom dress, and borrowing my MIL’s surger- AMAZING! Business goal #1 for this year, is to earn enough profit to purchase my own! I have so many ideas of what I could do with this fun tool!

Alright- I should probably go work on updating my Bullet Journals and setting those goals! AND finishing my mom’s gift!


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