Mother Runner

My running journey began October 29, 2016.  Over some wine, a friend tried talking me into running a marathon. We agreed to start with a half marathon.  At this point, I hated running.  The thought made me cringe, but I needed to get off my butt and start doing something to be healthier. Life happened, and my friend was not able to train and run the half with me, but my wonderful husband did! We each completed our first half marathon in May 6, 2017.

I then decided I should take on a full marathon, knowing I needed a goal to keep myself working on my running. There were bumps in my training plan stemming from injury and illness- cat bites, strained muscles… I was still able to complete my first marathon in Luck, WI October 7, 2017.

Since completing the full marathon, I have struggled to stay motivated. When my darling husband mentioned he thought he could/would like to run a Ragnar relay, I jumped right on board. We started putting together a team to run Ragnar Chicago. Join me on my Running journey as I join the “Sprinting Turtles” on our journey of  training and racing from Chicago to Madison.

I also decided I want to visit a good friend from college, so am (planning on) running the St. Louis Half Marathon in April. I am hoping to improve my half marathon time, and put myself in a good position to have a blast running Ragnar.

I want everyone to remember that no matter what, we all have to start somewhere! I started from sitting on the couch, drinking wine, wishing I was in better shape. It didn’t happen over night, although some/many of my runs were in the dark.  I did what I did for myself, and my girls – they deserved to see that hard work and perseverance are what it takes to reach your goals.


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